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  1. Who me? LOL OK Koko, here we go and this works perfect for me to maintain pristine water: Bottom= AquaClear Sponge Middle= Floss Top= Bio Max Rings Knowing that you use floss as do I, just wanted to mention a few things. I keep the floss in the middle with the Bio Max rings on top simply to weigh down the floss. I've been guilty of trying to stuff too much floss into the AC's which actually will cause improper filtration. After experimenting a few times with it you'll find the right amount of floss to add. I replace my filter floss usually once a month with tank water rinses in between. I also use just enough floss as to keep my Bio Max rings under water at all times to promote a higher amount of BB. One other thing I noticed....packing it too full with floss will also slow the water current and cause the internal water level to rise dangerously close to the edge of the filter which could result in a disastrous overflow. I keep all of my AC's angled higher at the rear to keep the internal water level at a safe height. Hope that helps.
  2. AC 50-1 AC 70-4 AC 110-3 The electric company loves me.
  3. Hiya Koko, I've got eight of them.....I wouldn't use anything else. They do one heck of a job and run like crazy. I think you'll be an AC fan pretty soon!
  4. LOL and you wonder why Geoffrey gave you such a good "deal"?
  5. I'm thinking a nice bracelet here....
  6. Nice job, Helen! The group looks great! Husky giggle, eh?
  7. Very nice, Miss Koko! Looking good!
  8. A good rule of thumb is to feed them small meals 2-3 times a day. I feed mine enough at one feeding where they'll clean up everything within a 1-2 minute period. Anything over that and you're overfeeding them. Stay with them as they feed and watch how much they'll clean up in a 1-2 minute time frame. Remember that it's always best to underfeed than overfeed. Cold blooded mammals don't need as much food to sustain as warm blooded mammals do. Overfeeding will lead to digestive and swim bladder issues as well as contribute to excessive waste which will lead to water fouling. Keep them hungry....it's not going to hurt them at all.
  9. Yep floss is a different matter altogether, more for removing big particles than anything. You could never rinse that stuff clean when it gets really dirty! Agreed Chrissy. I rinse and reuse my floss a few times until it really becomes dirty and clumped to the point where it can't be rinsed clean. As for my AquaClear media I also do as the gang suggests. Media blocks rinsed and reused until they disintegrate. Bio-max used until it begins to break down which could be years. An occasional good rinse in tank water to remove any accumulated sludge is recommended.
  10. Very nice! Way to go with your Panda Moor!
  11. Ashley, I use bubble disks in three of my tanks and I've never seen anything like that. Now medications will foam up the water with a bubble disk but I'd agree with a massive water change and see if possibly you can adjust your air flow down?
  12. blackteles

    New Betta

    Beautie! His color is awesome! Way to go Lori! I still like Shell's "Red Hot Chili Pepper" suggestion though!
  13. Nice job, Rai! They all look great! Delilah's looking good too! Stay up on your water params and feeding practices to keep her from floating....we don't want that. You've got a good teacher!
  14. If I'm not mistaken Taylor (Haruka) has Bichirs. Shoot her a PM.
  15. Nice job, Lori! Looks great! I'm working towards getting all three of my GF tanks to bare bottom. I'm not real keen on the look but I'm doing it for Black Ops and the Orange Gang.
  16. Beauties! Nice job Miss Koko!
  17. Agreed with everyone, salt is definitely the way to go! I'm presently running .3% in my QT tank with Mamba. Don't forget that Helen strongly suggests simmering your salt water first, then letting it cool to room temp before mixing with your water to be added to the tank.
  18. Hiya Kat. Two more coming and I'll be done. (for now)
  19. Your Whisper EX20 is pushing 110 gph. That's more than enough for your bioload. Just be sure that you're not getting any ammonia in the tank. If you are then it would be necessary to either reduce your bioload or increase your filtration.
  20. LOL it's pretty easy to tell them apart when you see them every day but at the beginning Nyx is in the center and has a couple of small bubbles attached to his slimecoat and eye. He had just come into the tank from QT and with all the salt is loaded with that extra slimecoat. He's also the one who nips at DK's butt at 1:36.
  21. My little guy Nyx left QT today and headed over to meet the rest of the guys in Black Ops. Mamba's hoping to get over there soon to play around with the "guys".
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