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  1. I've had five blacks turn completely orange over the past few years. Presently I have two broadtail Moors undergoing a color change. In my experience it's going to be at least 4-6 months from start to finish. In my opinion color changes are due to stress and extremely warm temperatures. Here's an article you may want to read which explains why goldfish change color.


  2. TL,

    I definitely would look at adjusting your pH levels. Corys don't do well in an alkaline environment.

    The native environment for Corydoras is slow-moving streams where the water is shallow, clear, soft and neutral or slightly acidic. Keep the pH-value in slightly below 7 and strive for 5-10 degrees of hardness. Some Corydoras species do not cope well with salt, so you must research you particular species before you use salt as medication. Corys are quite hardy and adaptable, but they are sensitive to high levels of nitrate since this makes them susceptible to barbell infections.

  3. Hey TL,

    I've had real good luck with my albino Corys. I have three right now, two of which are almost 2 yrs old. I was having some difficulties with some losses and after some research I believe my pH may have been fluctuating which they couldn't handle. Are you holding your pH at a constant 6.8-7.0? And what's your weekly percentage of water change? Parameters OK? Corys are hardy, the albinos are no exception in my experience. Hopefully we can help you. :thumb:

  4. Cindy,

    You really have to clean your filter sponges very well by squeezing them in buckets of tank water. Continue to do this until your water is completely clear. You may need to also rinse your other media better as well in tank water. Don't worry about killing your BB by rinsing in tank water. A highly clogged sponge will build pressure which is causing your media basket to raise. When I first got my AC 70's they did the same thing. Only after repeated cleanings of the sponges did they finally come back to where they should have been which meant my media hasn't ever been pushed up since. I clean each AC once a month by the method above and I haven't had this pressure buildup in two years. Here's an excerpt from the AquaClear manual below:

    Q. What happens if I forget to clean my filter inserts?

    A. If the Power Filter is left unattended for too long, the filter inserts

    become clogged with debris. In extreme cases, the filter basket may

    be forced up from the filter case due to the pump pressure. This is

    an indication that the efficiency of the filtration is very low and

    that the filter inserts require immediate rinsing or replacement.

  5. The heater in my small trop tank took a dump so I had to run down and pick up a small Hagen heater quick. While I was there I picked up 3 Pepper Corys to add to my large trop tank. Maybe I can get them to spawn so I can get some more young. I have to catch miss Fang...she's waaay ahead of me! :ehh

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