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  1. on your safe move i wish you luck. I had to move my 1 flower-horn when we fumigated the house for termites. all its color left for one day then it got allot better.
  2. I've heard of and seen painted cichlids (parrot's) but not goldfish. I also knew how they did it before I saw them, thanks to my fish mentor/neighbor.
  3. its a boy!!!! we need the blue colored bubble gum cigars now. I wish mine were old enough to sex (2 more inches, 2 more inches)
  4. looks way better same thing happened with my black oranda it was all covered with ick but you couldnt tell now.
  5. yeah that guy was just hating! your fish are nice and he just felt threatened.
  6. its about 2.5 inches so sad no headgrowth yet
  7. So, I was at my lfs getting new air line, and the people were taking forever. So I cheeked out the tanks and I saw the nicest and only lionhead in a tank. It was so nice that I brought it home it name is Aslan (ha its a "Lionhead") well I liked it and it is the first lionhead I have ever owned. So here is the pic comments every one.
  8. its a nice fish you should definitely get it...
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