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  1. Oh my gosh, that was adorable. xD What a sweet pair, I'm glad they are finally back together!
  2. Wow, beautiful new teles!! Congrats! And ohh my gosh, I love your lemon ranchu! I think this is the first pic I have seen of him. I waaaaant! haha How long have you had him? I don't think I've ever even seen that bright of a color on a goldfish before.
  3. aww so cute! those eyebrows are awesome. xD congrats on the new fish!
  4. shark fin dorsal! haha! that's exactly what it is. half goldfish, half shark!
  5. ohh, that's a good idea. I just need to find a scale or something to get started on it.
  6. oh I'm so sorry! but i'm glad you still have her tankmate and everything, thats a sweet way to be reminded of her when you look in the tank. and yes it does! thanks so much for answering my questions. I just upgraded the two into a 45 gallon from a 26 gallon, and bought a new bag of pro gold, so it'll be interesting to see if they have a growth spurt at all.
  7. ohh okay, good to know! well I dont mind that they are stunted. I got gambit when he was that body size, but it seems that his tail has grown a lot. Do the tails still grow even though the body can be stunted? I really need to research that topic more. I know very little about it all. haha sorry i just reread your post, I thought you were saying that she was a past goldie. ahaha ><;; she's very pretty though! where did you find her at?
  8. aww he is cute! that wen is going to be huggge! love it. :)
  9. Wooow! Beautiful! I've never seen an oranda like that before, and her colors are stunning. Congrats!
  10. cuteee! they are so sweet about sitting in your hand too.
  11. ooh i love the tank! i like the plants now, but I cant wait to see them when they have grown in more! (:
  12. Oh yeah? What made you say stunted? Is there a way to tell? And aww amico is beautiful. He does look a lot like zumie. I'm sorry he passed on.
  13. Yeah he was actually sold as a ryukin, I think his fin is just what throws me. awh thanks! hes got a sweet personality too, he is the only one that will eat out of my hands.
  14. aw thanks. (: I can see him being a fantail. His tail has grown so much since I first got him and his "hump" has stayed about the same.That's interesting about the wens too! I didnt know it could grow on any type.
  15. ... is he a cross between something? His top fin has always been short like that. And its hard to tell in the picture, but his red head is a little squishy looking, like a very flat wen. I'm leaning towards a ranchu/ryukin mix but I really have no clue. Any other guesses?
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