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  1. Sorry! Technical difficulties! Here is the video of my guys (may still be processing, so might have to wait 30 mins or so).
  2. Hi, I am moving out of country (Canada to UK), and so I have to try and rehome my goldfish. They've been doing so well lately its a pain to see them go, but I hope I can find good homes for them and that'll make it better. I've been a long-time kokos member, and goldfish owner, so it'll be sad to be fishless for a while, until I'm settled in wherever I'm moving to. I'd be willing to sell the three of them with the tank set up (55 gallons), or I will just give the 3 fish away to a good home, and sell the equipment separately. I've never shipped fish before, but if someone is willing to go that route and walk me through it, I'd be happy with that too! They are all pet quality fish, and I haven't groomed any of them, so there is no wen growth, but have all been well taken care of and are between 2-4 years old. 1 female lionhead/ranchu mutt. Orange and white, losing the orange recently. Previous history is she had dropsy but through a course of antibiotics I managed to save her, and she has been healthy since. Small and the only female so she gets picked on by the males, but she seems to get by ok. 1 male oranda. Was metallic grey (like a juvinile) for the last 2 years, but has finally started to colour in, and it appears like he might be a lemon head. He's been changing color very rapidly lately, and I can't wait to see how he turns out. Always been healthy. 1 male fancy calico 'mutt'. He was sold as a Ryukin at the store, but obviously isn't one. Looks kinda like a double-tailed Shubunkin? Either way, he is very pretty and has always been healthy. I would be happy to travel part of the way to deliver to others in Alberta. They need to be gone by the end of July when I move I'll post a video of them soon, if you forgive the bit of algae I have in my tank They are too fast for my cheap camera to get a good photo of them.
  3. I'm not sure it would change that much, maybe in a sense Think of the market for cats and dogs. I would like to think that most people keep them for their natural lifespan, which is usually 8-20 years, fairly similar to a goldfish. There is still a very large market for cats and dogs, and there is still people that mass breed poor quality individuals. So the market will probably drop some, I don't think it will hugely change overall.
  4. Hi all, I haven't been here in a while, but I wanted to say WOW! I love the new look! Very fancy Anyways, the topic of discussion is that in a few weeks, once all final exams are done, I plan on transitioning my tank to a barebottom tank. The reason being is that I am just struggling to keep the nitrates lower as my fish start looking lethargic at times. I always change the water right away and they get better. (I should let you know that I have had a stable cycle on this tank now for 2 years, with 0 ammonia and nitrites, but higher nitrates). I also think my pearlscale is more sensitive to the nitrates. So I want to keep it under control better. I think the main reason is that bits of dead leaves/poop/food gets caught in the rocks, and even though I vacuum thoroughly it just doesn't seem to be enough and I always miss some. I figure that if I remove the rocks, I'll be able to see all the debris and clean it up easier, and hopefully tackle this problem better. Easier maintenance and all, So my plan is to slowly take out the rocks in sections at a time. I heard that some of the beneficial bacteria live in the gravel, so I don't want to take it out all at once to risk a cycle. I just have a question though. I have a bunch of Elodea plants. I was wondering what are some good ways to keep the plants in the tank if there is no substrate for them? How do you guys do it, and maybe some unique ways of doing it? Thanks a bunch for your help, if you have any other suggestions about barebottoming I would love to hear it.
  5. Ok, well I have them planted now, but my fish are a little too scared to explore XD I took out their big plastic 'safe plant' which they liked to hide in and behind, and replaced it with real plants and they don't know what to do. So they are mostly just sitting in the corner right now. I also took out a few silly decorations and put plants there too, so now there are a lot of plants. They probably just aren't used to their new surroundings. I'll give them a couple days and then let you all know how they are enjoying it. I sure like this new 'natural' look though I think my boyfriend has the camera, but when I get it I'll post pictures
  6. Well, I purchased: A bunch of Anacharis Anubias Java Moss Wisteria I also purchased a new gravel vac because the one we have is broken and just barely making it by, and if my fish decide to be hedge trimmers I need a good one ready Do you guys think I need a higher wattage light bulb?
  7. Thanks for the tips I may try a couple. Maybe one plant that I can try to avoid being eaten, and then a grazing plant. I was only planning on getting one or two, but well, since it is a sale I might buy a couple more. I don't have too much 'floor-space' (footprint?) on my tank, so I'll try not to go too crazy. hehe. How tall do Amazon Swords get? My tank is about 22 inches so I do have some vertical space.
  8. My favorite LFS is moving to a larger location, but right before they startet to move they got in a large plant shipment. So they are trying to sell off a bunch so they don't have to move it all. 30% off! I was thinking that I may pick some up. I've never had plants before, and so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some good low light-low tech plants for my Goldy babies I was actually looking for more of a 'grazing' plant for my goldies, rather than a goldy-proof plant. I've noticed them nibbling at the algae I managed to miss when I cleaned last, and so I thought having a grazing plant might be a nice way to get some fibre. I was wondering if there is a beginner plant that I can have that grows like a weed and that my goldies can nibble a bit on. It really doesn't matter to me if they totally destroy it... I'm kinda doing it for them anyways Suggestions? I've heard elodea might fit in that category? Edit to add: My tank is a 37G, with a 20W flourescent bulb. 1300 lumen, 125 lux. "Hagen Sun-glo"
  9. RANCHUS!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF EM!! Can you imagine a tank full of 50 or so of their cute little wiggly butts?? haha The counting thing would be a problem though, yes. I don't know much about other fish than goldfish (and so much research would be in order), but if there was enough space/ they aren't too agressive. I think it would be cool with an oscar and arrowana or two or three And then some quick little(ish) fish that can fill in the small spaces and not get eated! That would be fun! I think Oscars and Arrowanas are so cool!
  10. Thanks guys. Even though the last few months he hasn't been himself, and especially the last few weeks, I still miss him quite a lot. He had such a personality. Despite being such a little guy he was a fighter. I'm glad he isn't suffering anymore, it'll probably help me enjoy my other fish more now, as they are all healthy and lively (well despite the one that wedged himself under an ornament and lost a bunch of scales recently, but he is healing quickly). Boyfriend and I remember how during the first few months that we had them, Meeko was the fastest of them all. He would see some food falling on the other side of the tank and zip over there so fast it may put a Common to shame! Hahaha So we have lots of good memories. Thanks a bunch for all your kind words. I'll keep you guys posted on new happenings seeing as I have an empty 15G now, and we all know that they don't stay empty for long
  11. I feel like Lady Macbeth "Out Out Darn Spot" I can't wash the clove oil smell off my hands. I'm sure when I get back home my house will have a similar lingering smell.
  12. Today we have decided to euthanize Meeko. It is very hard to do, both my boyfriend and I cried quite a bit. He currently is sitting in a bucket overdosed on clove oil. The website we found said to wait a few hours, though it has been 10 minutes and he has stopped breathing. I went to check on him today and noticed that he was bloated and pineconing. He hasn't stopped his 'floating' phase since I last posted, and his fins were deteriorating because they were always above the water. He wasn't able to eat on his own other than us putting the food right in front of his mouth. The pineconing was the last straw, I couldn't handle it any more after that. And I just don't think he could survive any more treatments, and the pineconing was probably the result of his extended floating time, leaving him stressed and open to illness. He was the first fish I chose, and my favorite. It is really hard to let go, but I know it was for the best now Thanks for the help you guys *hugs*
  13. I'll try PMing Lionchu, but my situation is very different than yours. If the swim bladder is physically injured by a concussion it will not heal, according to various websites. It isn't a disease or illness he has, it has been because of an internal injury by those darned mail people. As you can see in my first video, the injury doesn't bother him at all... when he can swim. Now that he cannot swim he is really just at the mercy of the current in the tank. He has been both in a tall (around 2 feet or more) tank and a 10 gallon and now a 15 gallon and it is really no difference. He doesn't always float, and I actually am convinced that the floating/sinking is dependent on the barometric pressure. I just have yet to test it, but really he it changes suddenly. I am most definitely sure that if his fins regrow he will be better. I'll try and get a video, but he really cannot control his direction when he swims. He'll be going for food, and then do a corkscrew and start going in circles. Like I said though, in the last 6 months it has only grown 1-2mm. and that has mostly only occurred in the first 3 months. I'm not sure if it was just me being optimistic or not. I read somewhere that if the fin rot goes right to the base of the tail it won't grow back, and I'm afraid that maybe what has happened, but I've been waiting in hopes that it will grow back. Edit to add: How do you PM?
  14. Thanks for the fast replies guys! I know I'm not here often, but when I do come back it is always such a joy to be around true animal lovers like the lot of you. I have a few videos/pictures of Meeko Here is a picture of when I first got him last December and he is floaty http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a75/Elvishswimmer/Fishies/LeonandMeeko.png And this is a video of him, before the fin rot incident. Taken with cellphone so bad quality This is a video of Meeko (and the crew) when he was mid-fin rot in a 'sinking phase'. Taken with my webcam And this is him, he seems to have a little less than this now, but that was mostly the extent of the finrot http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a75/Elvishswimmer/Fishies/101_0006.jpg http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a75/Elvishswimmer/Fishies/101_0005.jpg Those are all old pictures of him (april). Hopefully sometime this week he will stop floating and then I'll be able to get a better pic of him. I tried just now, but it really didn't work. He is much less active when he floats. When he sinks he can go and hide in his hollow ornament and pic at the bottom and ornaments. When he floats he really doesn't do anything but just float around with the current. Hardly even tries to swim. I've wanted to go even as far as making a prosthetic fin for him, so he can try and swim around rather than corkscrew and give up. But I have no idea if it would be safe/humane to do that to a fish. I don't even know how I would attach it...
  15. It has been a long string of bad things with Meeko, my calico Ranchu goldfish. I ordered him from Raingarden in Hawaii. He left the owner perfectly fine and arrived head down tail up. After discussing it with the owner we decided that the mail people were probably rough with handling the package and Meeko sustained a permanent swim bladder injury. So this happened last December. He got around fine though! He could swim well and looked normal while swimming and only floated/tipped when not swimming. He was still as eager as any other goldfish for food, and so I decided to keep my little gimpy on. Then in February my cycle crashed and he got fin rot. He lost almost all of his tail fin. I seperated him from my other tank at that time and so since around March he has been in his own 15 Gal. We have kept the water perfect and he fought off the fin rot and even over the course of the summer looked like he grew back 1mm or 2 of his fin! But still, the loss of this fin makes him fairly unable to swim. If he tries he does corkscrews and obviously is hard work because he spends a lot of time resting. So he is always in his 'tipped' position. Some times he is like that floating on the top of the tank, and some times he sinks to the bottom. It appears to happen for no reason (other than maybe the weather??). His colours are still extremely bright and he still eats with gusto. When he is in his floating phase he sometimes needs help getting to the food on the bottom of the tank, but otherwise he is chasing after it. So he isn't sick otherwise. He recently is in a floating phase and it appears his tail (what is left) is affected now. It has a 'kink' in it and I think it was caused by drying out. We took him out and coated his tail with Vaseline to prevent drying and did a water change. I'm wondering though when do you decide to euthanize a fish? Like I said, he still loves food, and his calico spots are so bright and vibrant, his wen is even a bit bigger than it was a few months ago! But he doesn't swim much because of his loss of tail, and is having these difficulties and... ya. :(:'( Am I a bad person for keeping him alive this long because of his poor quality of life (not being able to swim)? Or is it bad of me to give up on him when he is still so vibrant?
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