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  1. Thank you guys again for all your support.... My other fish are all doing good ( I only have 2 now) The big goldfish (Marlin) is trying to play with the remaining little black moor but the little guy has to wiggle like a maniac to keep up with the big guy. My son named the black moor oreo but he has since turned completely orange! I took out the driftwood and looked at it today...it did have a little debris area underneath but nothing serious, I cleaned underneath it. It isn't rotting or anything. Thanks for the tip, I will start doing 50% water changes after this. I had to have the "death" talk with my son yesterday...it was soooo sad. I don't want to buy any more fish until I feel sure of the problem. I keep wondering why he couldn't straighten his body out. I did take a picture of him like that if anyone thinks it would help to see it?
  2. Hi, first of all I'd like to thank everyone for their help....but my poor little fish didn't make it...he hung on for several days after my last post and even ate some pea fragments his last day. He kept trying to straighten his tail end out, and could for a few seconds, but it would curl up again...what are your thoughts on this? I want to be sure I figure out what caused it if anyone can help protect the rest of my fish....my son is heartbroken and is asking God not to let all our fish die. The liquid test kit is on backorder, so I can only use a strip tester temporarily...The nitrates tested a little high 5 days after the last water change(20) Nitrites were at 0. The only other thing I noticed is that the GH, KH and PH have always been extremely high, (300, 300, 8.4) because of our hard well water. Could a piece of driftwood I have in there, purchased on ebay be a problem?...it was from a lake, not a store. (I've had it in there 6 months now, about the same amount of time as the fish moved in) And what about Marimo Balls? They are algae balls from Japan....Could they be causing harm? The fish nibble on them. I'm going to clean the tank extra thoroughly, remove all the rocks, plants, etc. and really get in there today. Any other ideas??
  3. Thanks everyone....for everything.... My little guy is hanging on, he's quite a fighter and I just ordered the API complete test kit today because I'm concerned about our tap water, for all of us, just to be able to rule it out. The fish isn't floating but now is more sinking or suspended in the little cage, curled in a U shape...but he has been occasionally trying to straighten his poor little body which is a great effort and he wiggles around kind of angry that he can't swim. Are any of these symptoms aimed more at one problem in particular? Is there any chance it could be from air? I was sick last week and my husband took over feeding...he was floating flakes which I never do. Just trying to come up with anything I may have overlooked... Actually I just read an article on the flake food and I'm not going to even use it anymore...who knew that pet store products could be bad for your pets?
  4. Thanks everybody for your help so far....my fish survived the night but looks the same. I think the worst part for me though is seeing my 4 yr old folding his hands by the fish and whispering to God to please not let him die. (gulp) I put him in one of those baby tanks that clip on the side, to keep him from flying around in the current and he seems appreciative, but is very weak and is only moving his eyes & mouth right now. I actually found an area of decayed plants after trimming some dead leaves off this morning and after cleaning it all up wondered if it could have caused a nitrate problem? It was pretty disgusting under there, but there was no way I can clean behind some of these plants without digging them up....how do you guys all keep planted tanks clean??? Those cute plastic decorations are looking better all the time. With all the work we put into caring for the fish, at least they could show their appreciation by not dying! Also after reading some articles am wondering if it could be a change in our tap water because we had some thawing over the weekend and have well water....we're also surrounded by crop fields which I read can raise the nitrates...so I'm thinking I should get our water tested?
  5. Thanks so much for your help....that's a great idea with the little cup...I'm going to pick up one of those baby fish cups since I don't have a 2nd tank. Do people really keep a 2nd tank running just for emergencies? I tried to feed peas to the little guy, but he's not really up to eating. He is kind of laying at a 45 degree angle now in the middle of the bowl. I just completed a prazipro treatment in the tank with salt about 4 months ago, after one fish died from a fluke infestation from new plants...or that was my best guess as snails also came from them, and all the fish were flashing around.....I also upgraded my filtration materials, throwing out the carbon and adding ceramic rings and floss. Everything had been going well since, but now I'm wondering if I was supposed to be changing that floss regularly? I feel like I'm studying to be a marine biologist...but I really love these fish and want to take good care of them!
  6. [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level? 0 but just did water change 8 hrs ago [*]Nitrite Level? Only have a NH3, NH4 ammonia drop test kit right now [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Tetra ammonia drop test [*]Water temperature? 75 [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 55 gallons, running for 8 months now [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Magnum 350 [*]How often do you change the water and how much? Weekly, 1/3 [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 large fancy tail, 2 small goldfish [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Tetra AquaSafe with BioExtract [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? goldfish flakes daily, pellets and peas weekly [*]Any new fish added to the tank? no [*]Any medications added to the tank? no [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? no [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? no, all the fish were fine until this fish suddenly stopped swimming, 8 hrs. after last water change
  7. Hi, I just did a water change this morning and about 8 hours later, my small calico goldfish was being pushed around the tank by the filter so I moved him to a small bowl. He is floating now but is still breathing. If I put my finger near him he will swim for a few seconds. If all the water tests are o.k. what could it be? The only thing different in their routine was that I ran out of peas a few weeks ago. Would constipation cause this? Is it too late to help him if that's the cause? Please help!
  8. Hi, I appreciate all the support and help so far, thank you! I will be done with the prazi treatment soon but noticed the past 2 days that Marlin is freefloating a lot in the tank, for about a minute, and then will let out a huge yawn and shake or "flash" for a couple seconds. Does this mean he has gotten the flukes in his gills if the treatment isn't working? Or should I try something else? This is what Nemo was doing before he died. But when you go near the tank he perks up. All the other fish are acting o.k.
  9. Thank you guys for all your advice, I think I'm getting the hang of this. I love all the ideas for biological materials. Especially anything that saves money! I'm a stay-home mom with a toddler and only started this hobby because I got a great deal on a huge used tank w/filter. I'm still doing prazipro and water changes every other day, and my fish so far are acting o.k. Do you think I should continue the treatment an extra 5 days because I had the carbon in during the first couple days? So should I use carbon just after the prazipro treatment is done to get rid of any remaining chemicals or no? I was also wondering if I covered my gravel with bigger rocks to avoid choking hazards, now that my large fish's mouth is getting bigger, would it breed too much bacteria to leave the little stones underneath? Would I have to move the big rocks every week and syphon the gravel underneath or could I just clean the top layer? (I was thinking of getting river rock) I don't want to unknowingly breed disease. Sorry again for all the questions!
  10. I didn't see the page 1 - 2 option at the bottom without my glasses sorry about that!
  11. O.k. I have another question! I feel like I'm in over my head sometimes! Is there any difference between stones/gravel in the bottom of the canister filter for a biological element as compared to those ceramic pieces selling for $20/box? And how much of it would I use in ratio to the charcoal bits to go in the same area? I was thinking of putting the charcoal in one of those nylon bags, to make cleanup easier. But if I put a sponge in there too, is that too much bio stuff? I was also going to put a sponge sleeve around the outside. What would work better, a sponge on the outside, or on the inside of a canister filter? I've seen some filter models sold in both designs and wondered what you guys have better luck with? I really want to get this all situated so I can just relax and enjoy my fish! Looking at my tank is stressful and expensive instead of enjoyable right now, I know it's from inexperience though! I still have a bottom-sitter in my tank who's depending on me to get it right!
  12. Strange, some of this conversation isn't appearing? I went back to check one of the help responses and it disappeared!
  13. I'm not an expert, I just found your post doing a search on this site...I noticed similar symptoms on my goldfish and as far as I could determine, it was a fluke infestation from some new plants I bought on ebay overseas. My water seemed to test fine. Unfortunately, my poor fish died within 24 hrs. of the symptoms. But I started using prazipro for flukes, increased my water temp to 75, added salt, and my other 3 goldfish are o.k. so far. Best wishes to you.
  14. Thanks for your help, I just posted and didn't see this response, sorry! I discovered my filter was supposed to have a sleeve of sponge that slips over the canister.
  15. I just realized after searching online for filter parts that this whole time I've been missing a piece of filter--the sponge part! I bought my tank and filter used and replaced the charcoal never realizing there was a sponge sleeve missing. So when everyone was telling me to wash the sponge part I was confused. I found out mmm sells them, and will pick one up tomorrow, but does this mean my tank will have to recycle again? What will I need to do after adding the sponge to help my tank?
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