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  1. That's a gorgeous red/white butterfly tail telescope. But it does not have a tosakin tail. Plenty of butterfly tails tend to curl a little bit at the tips when the fins grow longer, but that's definitely not the only trait that makes a tosakin tail.
  2. They are beautiful! Best wishes for an uneventful quarantine!
  3. He's very pretty! I like his fins.
  4. They're beautiful Hidr! And that's a really cool tank shape too.
  5. Sakura


    I always enjoy your photos. Good job!
  6. Nice! They all look happy and healthy.
  7. It's beautiful Carole! Your fish have gotten so big too!
  8. Thanks Narny, I'm hoping the photos will be even better with the new light bulbs I'm getting soon! As it is now I have to drag over a couple floor lamps to get enough top-down light for clear photos, lol. My camera is a Canon Eos Rebel T4i.
  9. Thanks Allison! I saw your thread about that, your tank with the white sand looks awesome. When/if I ever get bored of black sand I might have to try that one. Thanks Sara Jo! Yeah, they have grown a lot, I'm so proud of the little guys. Thanks Dee Dee! Thanks Rojo! I just ordered the lights today, hopefully they'll get here next week. Thank you Shelly! I think sand mixed with crushed coral would look really awesome. Post pics if you do it! Thank you Becs! Yeah, I think it's been almost a year that I've been considering it. lol As you can tell, it wasn't that high on the priorities list. Thanks! Thanks Carole! Thank you Lisa.
  10. Ah, you're right she does! haha Thanks. Thanks! Yes, I did! Good catch though, I didn't film that part. Thanks DJ! I'm glad that some people like watching my videos because I love making them. Thanks Narny! It was the little packet of water clarifier that comes with the sand. Thank you Chelsea! Thanks Hidr, and you should! Pics if you do please! Interesting how adding more stuff can make the tank seem bigger, huh? Yay, another convert to the telescope club! haha Oh gosh yeah, it would be pretty tough to see black fish in a tank with this sand, lol. I don't know if I saw a photo of your tank yet, have you posted photos somewhere? I was surprised too! I might get another bag at some point to cover up the silicone edge at the bottom of the tank. But for now it works! I've never seen any breeding activity whatsoever from Callisto, and I'm still unsure whether "she's" a male or female to be honest, lol. My other three are males. I don't think she'll be having any fry sadly. :/ Thanks motherred!
  11. So I decided to just make a slideshow with all the new photos since there are so many and I didn't feel like putting the watermark on and uploading each individual one. Plus I found a pretty song I wanted to use, so why not?! There's a link to the song in the description section of the video if you want to hear the whole thing. These photos were taken a few days ago; before I put the new decor in the tank.
  12. I can definitely tell they've grown! They look great.
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