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    5! panda oranda(turning orange) -Ponyboy, gold lionhead -Pumkin, calico pearl scale -Popcorn, orange ryukin -Peaeye, white/red lionhead -Coconut

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  1. thank you Lupin. i was thinking that all of my fish were too young for mating and such. i will take a look for terbucles (spelling?) tonight when i get home. as for the nitrate levels, i think it was very likely my error. maybe too much water in the test tube.. or one too few drops? i tested it after the water change and it was around 15. thanks for all the help reid
  2. MAY HAVE FOUND THE CULPRIT! sorry if that yelling made any of you uneasy. after much observation, i have learned that my sweet little cute little baby lionhead, pumpkin, has a bit of a mean streak. he only seems to nip at the other(larger) lionhead. does anyone know what might bring about such rude behavior? is it likely just a phase? do i have to seperate? thanks. reid
  3. Hypostomus boulengeri so says the pleco forum. good job aiyklen. i agree that they look a bit different, but im sure that breeding and the way they are cared for means just as much as with anything. i am not going to put this guy with my goldies... but what to do with him? i sure dont love the idea of getting rid of him. hes just so darn pretty. guess i might have a new project. thanks for all the help everyone. reid
  4. someone told me that he is a hypostomus, but certainly not a common. does this mean that he is not goldie compatible? thanks everyone! reid
  5. wow! thanks for all the help. i will see what i can find and let you all know. thanks reid
  6. hi there, i just inherited this monster from a friend and want to know if it is goldie friendly before i get it anywhere near my babies. he is beautiful. if someone can identify him, i would sure appreciate it. i would love to keep him... if not i have a lfs that would surely take him. thanks reid
  7. wow! what a nightmare. i am really sorry to hear about that. little pea-eye(ryukin) is pretty gentle.. as far as i can tell. but if one of them turns up minus an eye, i will question him first. reid
  8. rest easy fish lovers. the suspect lava rocks have been neutralized. thanks for all your help. reid
  9. they have all been living with that lava rock for quite a while. i know that can happen in some cases, but im not sure that that is the case here. some of the fish swim through the rock, but she isnt one of them. she prefers to play in the bubbles. thanks gigi reid
  10. it could be user error. i will retest when i get home. thanks reid
  11. drops. i bought it a few months ago. are you thinking that it might be expired?
  12. one week. i tested right before i changed. reid
  13. if i managed to do this right (computers arent my forte) these are two of the best quility photos of my pleco i could take. here also is a photo of my little coconut. you can see her tail is missing a little chunk here and there. sad sad. thank you for all the help reid
  14. ph 7.7 nitrITE 0 amonia 0 nitrATE 10 everything looks normal. i keep a pretty close eye on the params.(because i have so many fish in there.) i saw a photo on the forum in the compatible fish section of a fish that looks quite a bit like mine. someone said it was a female bristlenose. i took a few photos and will try to get them up here today. i do feed my pleco alge wafers. thanks reid
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