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  1. Trinket, koko, that's alright! Stuff happens.
  2. Wow, Chrissy, I hope everything works out. I can't really help out here, I just wanted to say thanks for being so supportive when I had problems; best of luck to you!
  3. No, no, Lupin, that's alright. Hope you got a good rest? Well, these four fish were together and they all died with the same symptoms and problems. The other fish have always been separate and are doing very well. I think they'll get even better now that I can use yours and Trinket's advice on treating all new fish for parasites. About the salt, I followed Ranchugirl's post on salting (from the Treatment section of the forum). This is what I understood and tried to follow: 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons = 0.1%. To reach 0.3%, add another 0.1% after 12 hours. Repeat again after 12 hours. I followed the instructions given for a salt dip a few days ago; the oranda responded well, but I guess I was already pretty late and couldn't help him.
  4. Ah, he died today Four fish lost... Well, thank you everybody for your help! I really learned a lot, though it wasn't in the best circumstances.
  5. Guys...? I think he's dying, he's on his side and barely breathing. Is there anything I can do?
  6. Guys, I used API General Cure for the parasites. It had praziquantel; hope it's okay! When I put it in, he seemed very energetic (not sure if it was in a good way or bad way) for the rest of the evening. I woke up today and his fins have gotten a bit more ragged, clearly finrot, right? Is there anything else I can do for this finrot, other than 0.3% salt and (trying atleast) to have absolute perfect water conditions. Will heating the water help? I've been reading the pages about goldfish disease/treatment on Koko's main page; I just need help piecing it all together.
  7. Will heating the tank help him/is it tougher for the parasites to survive in warmer temperatures?
  8. Okay, cool. I was convinced on treating him with prazi and salt but I needed a full explanation of it to feel comfortable doing it (I was worried I'd overwhelm the fish with medications after giving him Maracyn last week, Melafix all week, Anti-Bacteria food for a while...); thank you Lupin and Trinket! Going to get on this now and hope I'm in time, though I know I'm really late.
  9. One more thing: I'm familiar with the basic symptoms of parasites but, just to make it clear, what are they and does my oranda have them? He doesn't flash or scratch against gravel/ornaments; but does that completely rule out parasites?
  10. Ohhh! Thanks, Trinket! I really feel like I've got something to work with now. Alright, I will keep up with the salt, air bubbles, and treatment. Augh, I wish I'd realized this before my goldfish suffered for it
  11. Thank you, Chrissy Bee! Absolutely, I want to try my hardest to save this oranda. This forum has always been a huge help for me; I understand that sometimes there's just nothing you can do/it's not in your control. I treated this oranda for flukes about 3 or 4 months ago and I used an API product, I think it was Super Ich Cure. It worked great the first time, (though it was probably really strong), I think it was for two days. Ooh...no, I didn't treat the new fish with salt for other parasites...but they all lived together for at least two months and seemed alright. These problems started a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure they were all caused by a very, very bad ornament I purchased. Huge mistake which I'll always regret. Wow, I don't know how I missed the 5 to 10 days thing for Jungle food...great point there. Is it alright if I start that up again? So, there's really nothing more I can do? I mean...it seems I pretty much just have to make sure I'm giving him the best of everything (water quality, food, salt, temperature, etc.) and hope it helps.
  12. Yep, I've got gravel. *nod* I siphon each time I change the water and I think (hope!) I've got the gravel pretty clean. Okay, I'll definitely work on the ornaments. Oh, wow...that means my pH went up very quickly. Alright, I'm glad I've got something to work with now. Thank you. Okay, I'll do just what you said, koko. Hope it leads to an improvement.
  13. I've got: Nitrites - 0 Ammonia - 0 Nitrates - 5 pH - has gone up a lot to 8.5; it's usually 7.5 and my tap water is almost always at 8. does adding salt do this? the tank is at 0.2% If those are what causes frayed fins, then I'm sure he has fin rot. A fish who spent time with him previously but died, had fin rot (among other bacterial problems I couldn't control). I'm building up to 0.3% salt in the tank because of the fin rot. There are two caves in the tank; assumign they count as hollow ornaments? Yes, I do large (60 or 70%) water changes every three days in this tank. However, since it's just him in there and he's about an inch or two long, I think I'll do smaller ones now. Is that okay?
  14. Yes, I agree that the Maracyn might have made them worse. I did have an air pump in the tank they were being medicated in, though, and they didn't gulp at the surface or anything while being medicated. I'm not sure what's bothering the oranda, I really wish I knew. He's responsive but otherwise hangs limply in his cave and has slightly frayed tail edges but no redness. Thank you, koko, for responding. Is there anything else I can do for the oranda, espcially regarding the kidney thing koko mentioned?
  15. The ryukin just died. Just have the oranda left.
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