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  1. So i was walking by my tank the other day and saw a blob was like...hmmmmmm....on closer exam ...17 baby trapdoor snails ahhh there kinda cute but wow 17 ...but yah babies snails anyone?
  2. Mine dont arrive until this coming friday i just paid for shipping yesterday so now ya'll get to wait with me there both about 3 and a half inchs long so there little
  3. finally pics of my new raingarden babies TADA both orandas all our raingarden fish are named in hawaiian this one is mine his name is Noelani rain it means A heavenly mist My moms Kalani means the heaven
  4. the first image in my head is kokonuts pressed to the gate yelling OPEN OPEN and jumping up in down then us all rushing in holding hands dragging each other here and there OMG THAT ONE NO THAT ONE and all of us are pulling a waggon full of bags with wide eyes
  5. lupin r u pmsing that makes most of us emotional
  6. She's being boss of the tank right now and hes letting her but he'll smack her down a peg soon cause if she beats on my new baby ill spank her fins
  7. right now ones sitting ontop of the other in a corner
  8. well i put one of my older fish in with leilani today and this is what happened forgive the low quality pics there from my cell
  9. two of my fish get " stuck" between the filter and the glass every morning they take turns at it to so i ALWAYS know who will be stuck that day and they wont move if i poke them i have to move the whole filter ....girls we have slooooooow fish
  10. Leilani I donno HOW she does it must be something steve taught her but she bumps into the filter in a way that makes it like stop and start again so it makes HORRIBLE noises and i freak out jump outta bed to check her and shes swimming right at the glass like...wasnt me or shes way on the other side of the tank doing her hourly " volcano inspection "
  11. I stood on the dorrstep nearly all day long waiting for any sound of a truck and when it came he had to scan it and i had to sign i felt like screaming GIMMIE THAT BOX then i couldnt rip it open fast enough..I have 2 orandas coming this time
  12. oh my gosh hes sooo cute now comes the hard part WAITING
  13. I know im going to get this so ill do it myself I ordered a new fish from steve but he took it off the site before i could steal a pic for yall but he/she a black oranda only 7 months old steve even told me when he was born so i can keep track his name is Noelani Rain which translates to A heavenly mist I swear pics as soon as he gets here whack me again ive been bad
  14. i have more then the recommended number of fish in my 55 gallon i just have no life and nothing else to waste money on so i have 2 GIANT filters hooked up to it one of my filters does enough gph but i have to just to be safe my water is so crystal clear and smells awesome just up your filter and you'll do great
  15. I woke up this morning and turned on everyones light like usual got to my last take with my little ones in it and my little chocolate moor was MISSING ....I looked all over panicked and the poor little guy had somehow wedged himself between the glass and the filter.I had to move the filter to rescue him and he sat there dazed a moment and swam off, now that im not so scared i wish i would have taken a snapshot it was pretty funny
  16. if you simply just can not wait temp match as close as possible use chlorine remover and place him in the tank
  17. well we recommend the 24 hours and thats best and you can do that IF the container your putting him in while your setting up the tank is big..do you have a plastic tote like a rubber maid those are AWESOME for temp housing and there cheap for one thats just the right size i do all my QT in a tote thats about 7 gallons the filters and heaters hang right on them NO LID!!!!!! unless you make a big hole ontop
  18. fill whatever container your gonna set him in pitcher/ what ever with his tank water if your going to leave him in there for a bit add an airstone then get to moving tanks around set up his new tank using water as close to his old tanks temp as possible and chlor out and start up your fliter use the same filter from his little tank ONLY IF its big enough let it set for an hour if your fish is in a comfy container that will let his water temp in his tank and where you put him equalize a little bit then GENTLY transfer him its really safe and easier on the fish if you just pick him up with your hands we dont like nets to much cause fins get caught dont worry just scoop him in your palm and GENTLY close into a fist or cup other hand only they stop flipping after a sec
  19. dont worry BB if your three tanks are crazy then my 12 ...well i do think theres a name for what i have
  20. get atleast a ten gallon ASAP he wont survive long in that tank try craigs list welcome to kokos your gonna love it here we demand pictures as you can see i like fantails to
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