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  1. I love the colour change... always wanted a white Chu! I had a look at Marty today and it seems like UV lights @ 11 hours a day is the secret to keeping them black... every lasy skerrick of bronze is gone... he is like a little lump of black charcoal... will try to get pics... he's a beautiful, matt velvety black
  2. This guys looks okay http://fancygoldfishworld.webs.com/
  3. If ever you need some Ammonchlor... let me know. You only use a teaspoon basically to do 90 litres... and they give you enough to do 5000 litres! The stuff is great and colpetely safe. Just make sure you do a 100% water change with the B&G stuff... may have some nasties in there
  4. Seems Podgey decided he needed a change... look what happened over a course of only 3 weeks! All I did was change them from Hikari Gold to Hikari Lionhead. Fyshlyps has gone a VERY dark orange, Marty - no change except he is fatter and Podgey... whoah! Is this a common thing with food changes??? Only other change I made was to install 'sunlight' lamps around the same time, could it have been that?
  5. I love the little wiggle! He swims like a Chu with a dorsal fin
  6. Squik


    My guys get Hikari Gold Mini pellets... I just soak them in a teaspoon of tank water till they are soft, then 'pinch' them between my fingers as I fed them to the gang... they sink and my fantail has never had 'bum-floaties' since I changed to feeding this way
  7. Gunbunnj - I think you've hit it on the head! The tank has been established a while (it was FyshLyp's first home) and he does seem to enjoy chasing them - whatever they are! As long as they are harmless, that is cool, but how on earth did they get there? Mister Foo doesn't get live foods, just the ocassional dried blood worms. Could there have been eggs in those or something? His main diet is Seachems Betta Banquet.
  8. I noticed yesterday that there are the tiniest of little white things swimming around in Mister Foo's tank! They are microscopic - I thought they were just debris that just settles after a water change, but there were about 6 of these specs swimming purposely against the very slight current in the tank! I can't get a photo as they are too tiny, but they seem slightly elongated and swim a bit like a shrimp. They aren't planeria or (what I call) jerky-S-worms.. I have no idea where they have come from! I did an 80% water change again and checked this morning and I can still see a couple of them. Any ideas?
  9. I've had a really horrible week at work dealing with some heartbreaking issues (client incidences) and this has just brightened my week so much and lifted me out of my misery... he so adorable and such and ambassador for the 'Anti-Flush Campaign for Sick Goldfish'
  10. http://www.aquariumsupermarket.com.au/223-aqua-master-aquaricycline-25-tablets-.html FINALLY! We can get good meds for our babies, with pre-prepared food etc coming soon! Aussie aqauriums are now starting to stock this kind of stuff, just bought some from Steve
  11. Must be a Moor thing Marty vacuums up and down each leaf of my anubia, then 'writes' on the algae covered back wall of the tank. I will have to get some photos of the marks he leaves in the algae... his latest one says something like ykiiiily...
  12. My Marty is the sweetest (and not too bright!) thing ever. He just potters around bumping into things or follows FyshLyps around. My problem-child was Podgey, for the first week her chased Marty and FyshLyps until they turned tail (pardon the pun) and punted him a few times... he soon got the message and has been fine. Moors aggressive? Pfffttt...
  13. Check my signature for fishless cycling.. if you were here in Australia I would have just sent you some, the little tub they sell will cycle about 100 tanks
  14. Don't know the name of the powder - was given to me by an aquarium owner in a small container - and I can't get in contact with him at the moment. I know it's a generic antibacterial powder that you mix with food - pale green in colour. A friend picked him up and 'patted him - he sloughed off his entire slime coat about 48 hours later then a lump formed just after his gill plate on his lateral line, so I popped him into the QT tank - uncycled, airstone, no filter - 12 hourly water changes and wipedown of the tank. Turned into a furuncle (columnaris?), burst, then two more came up. I left him in QT for 3 weeks with Mela/Pimafix and salt - alternated - and it cleared up completely. Put him back in the main tank - after a thorough cleaning of gravel, filters... the lot and a 100% water change - the other 2 giys loved it . Another lump came up a week later in the same spot as the original so I started him on antibac food... starting to clear up after only 2 days.
  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... if only you were here in Sydney, I'm looking at a huge tank at the moment (370 litres - around 90 gallons) and would have taken her she is so beautiful!
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