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  1. Update: Pepper is the same, happy and hungry even though some mornings she is bottomsitting and later she in the day is very light in the water. (from swallowing air i think). I have been able to get my hands on 8 oz Metro Meds, but dont know if i should try them on Pepper? Also i am currently trying an experiment to lower Nitrates. It is now down from the tap water 40 ppm to 5-10 ppm using this product: http://shop.aqualigh...570e3103964e713 It have only been a week, so still early in the experiment. I dont know how long it lasts between rechanging or how many times i can recharge it. Any thought on how to proceed from here regarding Pepper?
  2. Thank you everybody....it IS a sad situation when I love my goldfish and do everything for them
  3. Some people mention osmosis, but it seems very complicated. My town is notorious for high Nitrates i tap/drinking water I will not buy any more goldfish....it hurts too much loosing them. Other fish like my guppies do fine. Its the bodyshape that makes my goldfish so sensitive. Pepper sure gets a lot of love anyway <3
  4. Yesterday Pepper was being chased by both my boys, so she must have smelled like eggs. It vent on for hours but she never swam through plants and layed eggs. I gently tried to handspawn her the way i have seen on several youtube videos, but no eggs. Her belly felt soft but her "sides" felt firm. Only the middle part from gills to butt under her felt soft. The last 12 months i have had 3 floating fish....2 is now dead. Im afraid it is the Nitrates (40 ppm) in my tapwater It usually becomes a problem after 2-3 years of age.
  5. Why are you sorry? You are trying to help, which is always appreciated! It sure is....thx Jamie
  6. I have sent an email to Rick from goldfishconnection, where i offer to pay double for a shipment of Metro meds.
  7. Her appetite is fine dnalex. When fed lots of spinach she will poop big green poops, but they crumple like they have no casing. This video shows her behaviour....notice her flat belly towards her bottom.
  8. Update: I have noticed a new symptom. Her belly must be really soft, bacause she gets a flat belly from bottomsitting for hours. Later she swallows air and is floaty for many hours The Prazi and fibrous food does not seem to help. Im so sad
  9. Then it is soilent green, beans, and spinach for a week. And just started PraziPro. I will update later Thx everybody.
  10. What do you suggest i feed my fish then Dnalex? Green beans i really a hassle and a big waste, since the beans is so tiny. I will have to throw away 99% a bag of beans. What fibrous plant matter options do i have? Hzleys87, I would think Soilent Green gell food would be great then, since its very moist
  11. The green bean did not make her poop extra good, the poop was like pictures earlier in the thread. I only turn on room light, the tank light is on a timer. She is very heavy bottomsitting in the morning, having a hard time getting to the top of the tank. Later, like now, she i light, and turns bottom up if she stops moving. I hope Prazipro will make a difference or then its proberbly the nitrates. When my fish get 2-3 years old, several of them get floaty
  12. Pepper is the black/white fatty But she wont gulp with visible bubbles when i come with the camera This morning ( its 6am here now) she is bottomsitting again and later she will proberbly be floaty.
  13. I have treated for flukes before, but bought a new fish recently, so i will do a round of Prazipro again, starting sunday. The Eheim 2080 pump makes waves in one side of the tank and i have an airstone i the other side. I have ok amount af plants, but fighting 40ppm nitrite in tapwater is a hard hard battle This video is brand new, 1 hour old and shows the current tank arrangement
  14. *sigh* I am feeding only green beans today. Only the the beans inside right? not the husk? ...but so far Pepper looks a little floaty. I however may have found one reason for her float problems. She swallows air!!! I have noticed it before, but yesterday when i put her back in the main tank she was fine. Then she swam to the surface and got a lot of air. There was bubbles coming out from her gills and mouth, on her way back to the bottom after. How do i get the naughty girl to stop gobbeling air? The poop with airbubbles in it, is proberbly due to her eating air too?
  15. Allright Today is her last day of medicine, so she will go back to the others tonight. Tomorrow i will feed them all green beans only. After waterchange Sunday i will start a round of Prazipro for the whole tank.
  16. I would like to suggest, Lets do a Green bean clean out, no other food. Feed her this for one whole day for me I will try that again after her last round Jungle. But i did that allready though Koko
  17. He sure does Does Jasper seem to keep his color?
  18. Update September 9th: After 3 rounds og Jungle AP i did not notice Pepper bottomsitting anymore. (she still may have) Her poop seemed the same though. But this morning she is bottomsitting again *sigh* Last night i fed her Repashy Soilent Green Gel food, but dont know if that means anything. Tried feeding her green beans, stripped from the husk and spinach. I think her poop turned a little green, but i cant find it in her tub. She is happy and hungry, but i am really concerned. She is only a few years old and i am afraid to loose her I was planning giving the whole tank Prazi treatment when Peppers returns. Anybody have any thoughts about the problem?
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