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  1. Actually my Little Calico Fantail, Brovski had to be euthanized Monday
  2. Hi all. Like the headline reads, im panicking. Since there is no way to get any Metro-Meds now... I have used it, successfully for several Things over the last years. Dropsy, Growth on head, Internal Growth.....It cured dropsy several times. Before MM i used Jungle AntiParasite Food, but that was also discontinued. What do i do now? I have 100+ grams Metro-meds left from a bag bought 2 years ago, thats it Please tell me, there is an alternative to MM? The possibility of not being able to treat my fish in the future, actually keeps me from buying any more Fancy Goldfish. Does anyone know how i prepare for possible fish sickness/dropsy in the future? Best regards Jesper / Guldklumpen
  3. You are so brave Helen. I allways cry when euthanizing one of my fish friends. I know it is for the best when i do it, but it still hurts.
  4. I wish all my Goldies would get that old Thx all
  5. They are very well loved <3 The most important thing i own. Everything else can be replaced.
  6. Thank you everybody. I often tell her how pretty she is, but will let her know that you think so too She is still going strong Federica. Not many Orange scales left though and she stopped spawning a few years ago. Im just happy for every day where she is alive and well
  7. Hi All. Just wanted to share a movie of my precious baby Tvilsen. I can feel her getting old and know she wont be around forever. So i love her while i can <3 The Photo in the end, is her when she was a baby
  8. Thank you all for the kind words <3 I also have a soft spot for my Redcap.....Even though her little Wen is turning yellow
  9. I 'm very sorry if this video makes anyone have nightmares Goldies really are the cutest. My Redcap "Perry" she started spawning just 1 month ago, and have spawned 3 times since. Such a good girl My male "Brovski" seems oblivious to his part in this though, haha
  10. Brace yourself! This movie of my goldies is really bloody Jesper / Guldklumpen
  11. Most of my fish have been Fantails. I do have a soft spot for Orandas though
  12. Thank you very much! I love your pic of Molly
  13. I just use a sharp little kitchen knife
  14. Hi Federica. Long time, no see Yes, the old girl are turning white, but she is still cute as a button. Good thing you helped me save her life a few years ago....Im so gratefull! I hope you and all your goldies are thriving too Thx for the kind words all. My goldies love being told they are beautiful Jesper
  15. Thank you very much. They DO seem to thrive and are getting along without any drama. Only a litte headbutting each other when the food are allmost gone, hehe
  16. Posted a video in this thread.....better late than never...sry http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/114695-just-a-little-movie/
  17. Hi all. Here are a little movie of my fat goldies eating Repashy gelfood I make such movies to remember my goldfish in the future. Sadly they dont last forever....Allthough Tvilsen are 10+ years old now. ....And turning more white every month Jesper
  18. I will ask the little princess for a photo session
  19. Update! Still no "Tumor" growing back. Tvilsen looks so pretty
  20. Maybe something like this could be used too? http://www.ebay.com/itm/PACK-20x-Hollow-Golf-Baseball-Tennis-PRACTICE-TRAINING-BALL-Sport-Yellow-Plastic-/271251772492?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f27dd944c
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