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  1. Ok that's a great help thanks, little off the topic but i was wanting to use a terracotta pot for a little hidey hole for the black moor ( no sharp edges ) i have seen a few different tanks with them in... do you know...can i just get those from a garden store or do i need to get specially treated ones. are there any pictures of your tank on the forum your fish look lovely.
  2. sorry , just re read your message as to what the coral and buff-it-up would do. ok. so i have the tester kit for ph, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate just ordered the tester kit for GH KH and will order a buffer or crushed coral if i cannot use beach pebbles / shells i use stres coat+ to condition the water / remove the chlorine i've ordered some aquarium salt and then apart from food is there anything i am missing that anyone recommends for the tank for my fantails or the betta. oh and i forgot to mention i have a cycled Biorb with a lovely little black moor called BOB that i got yesterday as an early christmas present from my little boy..... very exciting, and he makes me smile so i just wanted to share that!
  3. hi thanks for your replies. tap water level is aprox 7 - 7.2 i looked at the links you sent, if there is something wrong with my kh level, is there something in the tester kit to adjust it, or do i need to buy something else for that. you mentioned shells...i live near a beach, can i collect shells and pebbles for the tank, or do i need to buy specially treated ones to avoid contamination.
  4. i'm reasonably new to this, and I'm getting a little lost along the way. I am currently cycling a tank with 2 fantails in it, (moved to a much larger tank after finding the forum) and also doing a fishless cycle ready for a male betta. my ph readings are quite low, though staying steady between 6.6 - 6.8 will my ph levels increase once the cycle is finished, i realise both the gold fish and the betta would be happier with levels around 7.4. API make a product (PH up) would it be advisable to be using this. So far the only thing I have added to the water in the tanks, is Stress coat+ but i have just ordered some aquarium salt for the goldfish whilst cyclng. i am also confused with KH? what exactly is this, i have an API freshwater master test kit, but it doesn't mention KH at all. any help would be gratefully received. thanks, Abby
  5. Tank looks great...just wondering what you did with the pots and stones before you added them...did they need any special treatment. I also live near the beach and thought about gathering some large pebbles, but was worried they could not go into a fresh water tank. i love the the idea of using the pots, i have just got a black moor and i'm looking for a safe hidey hole for him. cheers, Abby
  6. thanks for your replies, I'll just leave things as they are and look forward to getting my little fish in the next couple of weeks.
  7. i am cycling a tank ready for a male betta. it is a 5.5gallon slim hexagonal tank. i read somewhere that the water should not be any more than 10 inches from gravel to surface, (mine would be nearer 12 inches and i was concerned that if i remove everything, add more gravel it would effect my cycle, would this be so?) i cannot find any information either supporting or contradicting that statement and would appreciate hearing your opinions. i have live plants, 1 moss ball and a little half coconut shell house with java moss on it. is this tank too big or the water too deep to keep a betta happy. thanks, Abby
  8. I am on day 12 of cycling a fishless tank,(first tank i have cycled). i have readings of 0 for ammonia, 0 for nitrite and already at 40 for nitrate, i have a moss ball and live plants in the tank so i'm not sure if that has sped up my cycle. Abby
  9. i'm sure there must be other threads on here but i have been unable to find what i'm looking for. I have 2 tanks with live plants, a 22gallon with 2 fantails and a 5 gallon that is cycling ready for a male betta. lights would be on for aprox 8 hurs a day. plant food arrived with the plants (eSHa PRO-PHYLL plant and food nutrients), problem is, instructions state that if you use oxidative agents such as water conditioner ( i use stress coat) it can have a negative effect, as can the use of carbon filter, which i have in both tanks. i was under the impression that carbon is almost essential to have in the filter system, am i wrong? can anyone advise me of any alternatives , or information on how to care for the plants . thanks, Abby
  10. Ok, I was given 2 fantail goldfish about 17 months ago. I noticed some small white spots appearing on both fish, and after reading about diseases, i started treating them for whitespot. I was getting desperate as nothing was working and after several different types of chemical treatments i decided to leave the fish alone before I killed them with an overdose. Over time the spots never got any better, but did not get worse either. Now after gathering information and seeing images I beleive they are tubercules as they are only on the gills and front fins.Is this normal for the fish to have tubercles for this length of time or will they always have them if they do not come into contact with any females. can anyone put my mind at rest please
  11. hi there. I'm new to the forum. I have just changed from a 6 gallon tank to an 80 litre / 22 gallon tank with two fantails. it has a Juwel 280 pump set installed with pump capacity of 280 l/h. i have also got an air stone and have realised that the air pump running it is recommended for up to 50 litres,it seems to be running ok, does anyone know why it matters how much water is in a tank with regards to the air pump, or if i'll get away with out having to replace it. cheers, Abby
  12. beautiful...i particularly like the small black moor... do you keep the black moor in the same tank as the fantail, can they be compatible?
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