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  1. Thanks for the replies! I am freezing a container right now- for next week I guess. My freezer is full of people food so I can't really see me making enough ice...but I am taking stab at it. I moved my Bettas back to the bedroom so I could have space to aim a round fan ( about 18 inches ) at my big tank. I have thought about buying a bunch of buckets and letting them cool. Shockingly the tank temp might be 78 right now. Fans are good. Now I just have hot tap water... This is the year I decide if I even want to continue supporting the goldfish industry. We'll see by Winter ...if I can keep this batch healthy... I have the largest Rat Terrier, erect ears, nat bob tail, you have ever seen! She is wonderful and we are loving our "project dog". She was labeled "willful" by the foster home before she was even 8 weeks old. She was bottle fed supposedly the mother, a stray, abandoned the pups. Good thing I am a dog trainer:D One really cool thing is my husband contributes to her daily activities. I've got the early morning shift everyday and he helps out later with her entertainment and activity. I still have my light aqua colored plakat male, dragon Betta named Mohawk and my little red female, named ...uh...um...she always reminds me of lipstick so I think she needs a new name, Maybelline! I also still have my "pacman' frog but I will not buy anymore exotic pets.
  2. Hi all, Well here's the scoop. I started out with Spot, Rog, and Goldie and Pepper. Spot the Red Cap (orange really) was bloated and she passed. Rog was everyones favorite black tele with long flowing fins well he got tipsy bloated weak, tolerated various treatments but finally chose to euthanized him with clove oil. Thank heavens for clove oil, wow. Poor little Rog. Rhinestone Cowboy was my boldly marked calico. He had a couple of names but you probably remember that last one. He always was a little robust behind the gils and correct to my suspicion he bloated, floated...and I euthanized him. I still have my original wen lesscalico ranch Pepper, not a big fish so far at one and a half years and he looks exactly the same as far as markings go. Goldie is my original long bodied Oranda he is doing Ok by visual inspection but hides a lot. I got two new little ones, and they are doing well. It seems like if I ignore them they do better. My old dog was euthanized late Feb and on Fat Tuesday we got a new pup from the shelter and that is the reason I have been gone. I am home schooling my canine problem child everyday so I am on a Rat Terrier forum, yeh I'm a traitor. It's been hard in Central Texas to keep my 90 gal cool, our tap water is so hot you wouldn't believe it. The water pipe runs under a parking lot. I don't even want to do water changes... my aquarium is in the least cooled room. So my fish have been good for a few months, knock on wood. Sorry to give you the bad news on Rog. Maybe I told you this back then.
  3. I used clove oil and used a slow method of about 12 drops shaken in a sandwich baggie with water then added a splash of this to a small bowl with the fish. I didn't want him to freak out before he died. Somewhere on the internet was a slow (about thirty minute) method no alcohol. I waited until morning to dispose of him to make sure he was gone. But he seemed to be gone within 30 minutes with no thrashing about. Wish you the best either way.
  4. Looks like a comet-y fantail mix? I saw one like that I need to share a pic of.
  5. It depends on the symptoms or which treatment and who answers your question;) If you want to treat new fish for unseen parasites there are some general recommendations.
  6. ok thanks! you can see it in the My Gang pics
  7. My tap water gets warm too, the pipe crosses under a parking lot ...(TX) I squeek by with 80 degree tank all summer.
  8. Did you spill some prime? I had some leak into the plastic drawer and I had to empty it and rinse it out. Smells like sulpher. Also the bottle itself can smell if some drips down the side. I once had a rotten smell in my kitchen. It took me a week or two to locate a potato that I had stuck in a dark cabinet that I hardly ever opened. Oh man that was a bad smell.
  9. I think my new 1" red cap has a single anal fin. Is that the correct term?
  10. All that cycling business is about growing a colony of beneficial bacteria that break down ammonia ( like urine) into nitrites, and nitrites break down into nitrates. Nitrates need to be removed with water changes. So you need test kits to measure these, not test strips but drops that you put into a test tube.
  11. And here is Spot my first Ryukin. Spot and Red are about one inch and they are in QT.
  12. Goldie Pepper Rhinestone Cowboy Red has that "thing" on his tail on the upper left lobe
  13. I once contacted a popular place in canada that sells turtle death bowls and they just said they were sold for display or demonstration purposes. I was pretty disappointed that they didn't even acknowledge that turtles can't be kept in those bowls. Defensive and stupid.
  14. I was at my nearest chain store and saw a cool looking comet like fantail it had a short fantail and short dorsal fi but the body was very comet like. I should have taken a picture dang it! It was really cool looking, red and white face, I will look for it next time and take a pic. Of course the girl who works there didn't know anything she just thought it was a fantail. It doesn't look like my fantail!
  15. You could put her in a small container and see if her behavior changes.
  16. Wendy

    Number 5

    I LOVE my light blue dragon scale!
  17. Sometimes new fish are getting used to their environment. Sometimes bottom sitting is a sign of fatigue and/or a heavy internal parasite load. Fish often swim normal when the food person appears then go back to their sinking or floating shortly there after. You might not get "normal behavior" for a few weeks. It could be sleeping?
  18. Your filter is a host for beneficial bacteria that breaks ammonia down into nitrite and then into nitrate which has to be removed with water changes. When it got transferred into your care it might have lost it's cycle which means the appropriate balance of beneficial bacteria that is attached to the media died. So you don't want chlorinated water to go through it nor should it dry up or sit too long without running. It is very common that pet store employees don't know what they are talking about. Mostly the big chain stores just hire anyone to run cash registers and clean stuff and stock shelves.
  19. The white streak I am talking about is about 1/4 inch below the stringy bit.
  20. No red. I think they are cute, they make my other fish look so big! I hope they survive salt, 80F Parasite Clear...
  21. no fork shape, I am wondering if it is part of the fin? Can fins have an odd branch? The color is identical AND there is another slightly more opaque streak on the other lobe that I am wondering if it is just fin rib or anchor worm.This is why I don't want to pull it off yet! See the slightly more opaque white streak on the closer upper lobe?
  22. dosed the tank with PC last night and the fish seem to be acting today and the water perams good so far. so is this anchor worm?
  23. No I haven't tweezered the anchor worm. I have only administered Parasite Clear to the water. First I need a someone to tell me for sure that I can pull it off and that it is indeed a parasite.
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