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  1. Everyone looks fantastic, your tank looks great too
  2. He's so cute, great shape and beautiful color
  3. Glad to hear the move home went well! Everyone looks great
  4. Congrats! They are beautiful, pretty colors
  5. So very sorry, what a sad loss Hugs to you
  6. Thanks guys He is enjoying his new tank and he loves the plants, lol
  7. They are stunning! What an amazing recovery, you've done a great job
  8. Thanks guys It frustrates me to no end when parents take pet ownership so lightly, instead of teaching their kids extremely valuable life lessons at a young age, they're teaching them that living, breathing creatures are disposable Who knows how many more feeder fish they'll go through before they give up?! RanchuDressing, do you think he's a lemon head? I thought I saw a hint of yellow once he was under lights, but assumed it was wishful thinking, lol
  9. Thanks guys To Kill A Mockingbird is a favorite of mine, this is my 3rd fish with a name from it, lol And plastic fish would have been an excellent suggestion for this family! It really annoyed me that they didn't care why their fish were dying, easier for them to just keep buying new ones to amuse their children
  10. Thanks guys I'm definitely glad I got him, more than a week has passed so I'm sure the family has already been back to the store for more fish
  11. He's already grown a little since I got him, I wish I would have taken pics in my hand when I first got him. Thanks Helen
  12. I wasn't going to introduce this guy until his qt was over since he was virtually invisible in his white tub, but there was no point in Pippin's tank sitting empty so I cleaned it and moved him over. This guy was a 100% emotionally based impulse buy. I was at my favorite pet shop picking up a few things and chatting with the owner (I'm starting to set up space in my spare room to try breeding some of my fish and hopefully grow out some fry and she was giving me ideas on where I could sell them if I am successful). I overheard one of the staff members trying unsuccessfully to explain to a family why their goldfish kept dying (tanks are too small, overfeeding, not cleaning enough) and it sounded like they had been regular weekly customers for awhile, each time for 2 new goldfish, one for each kid's room Mom and Dad wanted to buy another round of 2 for $1.00 feeders, but their little girl wanted "the white one" and pointed to this little white lion head. Dad didn't want to spend $5 so they finally agreed that if he was still there next week "after they flushed these ones", she could have him The door had barely closed behind them and I asked her to bag the little guy for me, baha, I know I can't save them all and maybe it was a PMS-y emotional moment, but I didn't want this little cutie to live in a gallon for a week, then be flushed I had already bought some tubs for breeding, so I definitely had the space; he's only an inch long plus tail so he's definitely got some grow out time, lol Sorry for the long winded intro, lol, here are some pics of my new guy, Boo Radley, thanks for looking
  13. Thanks Koko I got her tank cleaned out earlier, sad to see it empty when I bought it especially for her I'll be moving the new guy over this evening.
  14. Gorgeous tank! Love the background
  15. Thanks everyone She was always a favorite of mine because she was such a little goofball, but it's been hard watching her grow, unable to keep up with everyone else
  16. I lost my poor little Pippin tonight She ended up in her tank alone as first Petra, then Alvarez started picking on her. The more she grew, the less balance she had as her pectorals were so small and deformed She couldn't swim without barrel rolling unless she stayed in the plants and had a hard time getting food, even alone. I noticed this morning that she seemed very tired and wasn't bothering to swim much, no control when she did, tonight she was gone I had her for just over a year, here are some pics from then and now. I was going to wait to share news of my new fish (looong story, lol) until his qt was done, since he is a tiny white fish in a big white tub, but I suppose I'll move him to the 30 gal tomorrow after I clean it. Might as well finish his qt in a tank so I can share good news too
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