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  1. Everyone looks fantastic, your tank looks great too
  2. He's so cute, great shape and beautiful color
  3. Glad to hear the move home went well! Everyone looks great
  4. Congrats! They are beautiful, pretty colors
  5. So very sorry, what a sad loss Hugs to you
  6. Thanks guys He is enjoying his new tank and he loves the plants, lol
  7. They are stunning! What an amazing recovery, you've done a great job
  8. Thanks guys It frustrates me to no end when parents take pet ownership so lightly, instead of teaching their kids extremely valuable life lessons at a young age, they're teaching them that living, breathing creatures are disposable Who knows how many more feeder fish they'll go through before they give up?! RanchuDressing, do you think he's a lemon head? I thought I saw a hint of yellow once he was under lights, but assumed it was wishful thinking, lol
  9. Thanks guys To Kill A Mockingbird is a favorite of mine, this is my 3rd fish with a name from it, lol And plastic fish would have been an excellent suggestion for this family! It really annoyed me that they didn't care why their fish were dying, easier for them to just keep buying new ones to amuse their children
  10. Thanks guys I'm definitely glad I got him, more than a week has passed so I'm sure the family has already been back to the store for more fish
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