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  1. i was looking at a website for one of the big goldfish farms in china. they had an atlas of gf and one was a crowned more ..i want one sooooo bad! or a ranchu with telescope eyes..
  2. i have fish that came from pet stores some that came from a breeder some that came from river wonders and some from dandy orandas, i had an ich outbreak in the main tank AFTER qt pet store fish for 6 weeks! and only one fish got it. the others had only a spot or 2, the ones that i was qting didnt even get it, they must have been carring it. the ones i got from the breeder seem stunted and one got sbd. the pet store fish are fine and the dandy oranda fish are fine no probs, it just depends on the fish and maybe what theyve been exposed to and built up an immunity too. my brother was sick all the time when he was a kid,, i dont think hes been sick in 25 yrs. maybe because he built a good immune system. back then they didnt give out antibiotics every time someone didnt feel good.
  3. theres a sort of chocolate ranchu on the auction.. hes cute but not that great of tail tuck and you can tell hes color changing alot. http://www.goldfishconnection.com/uploads/full/AUC_163_26.JPG
  4. great now i want a chocolate ranchu! i had some blue orandas about 10 yrs ago .. and i havnt seen any since.. they were really blue grey. i have a green ranchu that is keeping her color so far .. its soo pretty .. green with a purple cast .. ive been seeing green and purple ranchus on goldfish connection lately.
  5. my oldest fish ive had for 5 yrs but he was at least a yr when i got him based on his size. he has never been sick except one bout with ich and some sensitivity to ph fluctuations. i change the water at least 1 or 2 x a week. my oldest came from a place with a bad rep in california but he has never had a prob. and a few others came from a koi breeder in Michigan they actually didnt get ich when the other one did. and the rest are pet store rescues who also didnt get ich when the other one did. i had one die of sbd this yr.. then there are the 2 dandy oranda fish.who have been in perfect health since i got them in may.. im pretty proud of my pearly who ive had for 6 months now .she was bigger than a ping pong ball but not quite as big a golf ball. she does show red streaks sometimes for no discernible reason so shes like the canary in the mine..shes a pet store rescue.. i feed them lots of krill and veggies and shrimp... along with the pellets.. i feed more real food then the pellets.. i think it all boils down to getting young fish and having the proper filtration and water changes..
  6. ive been in and out of the hobby over the past 20 yrs so there's nothing wrong with taking a break. it might be different when you have a car and money and you are in more control of the hobby. there were times when i couldnt handle a fishtank i still looked at the pet store and appreciated others tanks and set one up when my life allowed. so dont feel bad. what would be bad is doing something like this, me and my brother found this tank sitting out side of someones yard with some water in it. it was out for the trash. we took it since the tank was in good shape. the water in there was soo green and dark we couldnt see the 8 inch oscar in there until we were moving it. we took him home and set the tank up. that big ole oscar lived for a while.i was 9 and my brother was like 20 but i remember being furious that someone would throw out a live and surprisingly healthy fish. so even though you arnt thrilled with the hobby you should be proud of your self for handling it like you are.
  7. you have them trained lol. ours follow us back and forth begging for food as we walk by. the are very smart. they aslo have different personalities. like some are camera shy and some are hams
  8. thanks. the wen growth is pretty amazing on the oranda .. weve been calling him elvis because of his sideburns.
  9. nope that wasnt me lol . im starting to want one though. i want a calico oranda and a sakura ranchu .. and ... every other combo.
  10. teles are so photogenic.. i see a couple good candidates for potw
  11. i love the look of moss balls but you definitely have to disinfect. i just rinsed mine in salted water a bit and ended up with my fish getting sick. then they tore it to shreds leaving green fuzz all over and clogging the filter
  12. been there done that. Mine was behind the tank and diddnt see it until it was wet all in front of the tank
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