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  1. Thank you for the image, I like this set up too. The baffle would be more for my butterfly Tele who seems to be growing out her tail first, and her torso second... dunno maybe an awkward growth spurt? I just feel sad for her because she eventually needs to bottom sit in order to rest up. My Filters are on opposite ends of the tanks, and I have an airstone in the middle- so I do have a little more noticeable current- and I really don't want to cut back on the filtration. The air stone is in because I feel my tank is pretty tall, and like to be doubly sure that oxygen is reaching the bottom. My tank is 29.5" tall. I considered this, and I would totally do it if my girl wasn't bottom sitting. I've just seen in the past that bottom sitting is a precursor for deeper trouble.
  2. I have 65 gallon, running with two aquaclear 70s. Typically I've never had a problem with currents before, but this time around I have little 2" fish that are struggling so I just wanted to improvise something as they get bigger. That would be awesome! I would love to see this set-up so I can get an idea on what might work out for me and my crew. That makes sense, I'm currently doing once a week PWC at 50%. Do you think that would suffice?
  3. Hi guys, I wanted to get a general opinion on this. I'm looking into making a baffle for my filters to lessen the current flow in my aquarium and I like the system that this aquarist uses: My concern however in using a plastic bottle is the possibility of the plastic deteriorating and releasing toxins into the water over time. I've been reading articles that touch upon this- and some sources say that the levels are negligible, but they speak in terms for human consumption- but what I wonder is can the same be said for goldfish or any fish, really? I'm okay with perhaps having to routinely replace them, but I wonder how often I should be if that's the case? What do you guys think? Or what have you heard in regards? Thanks in advance!
  4. Oh man, I feel you. There is nothing like knowing you have an empty space in your tank for that one special fish, and never being able to find it. Your parameters are perfect in your tank/QT, you've got money burning a hole in your wallet, and your internet browser are open to all the fish breeder/auction sites- and you're periodically refreshing the page each time waiting for new listings and what not. I'm in a similar boat right now. I have two open spots for my tank, and I am just waiting for a classic lionhead, and crowned pearlscale to come my way. I spoke to a couple of importers and they tell me by late spring, early summer, they may have something. The waiting just really sucks.
  5. I wouldn't try too handle her too much, she's going to be very much in 'de-stressing mode' and a safe, quiet place with pristine water will be the very best you can do for her now. As far as what to look out for, just as you've been doing monitor her slime coat, condition of her fins, any strange discoloration you wouldn't suspect as natural coloration, gill movement, placement of fins, and appetite. The most common thing you'll see is her sulking (bottom sitting with all her fins clamped) with food being the only motivation to move. They're practically couch potatoes, for a short time. lol. Slime coat shedding, and a hazyness in the eyes, as well as redness in the fins are the other common side affects of shipping. When I had my DO fish shipped to me, I kept a copy of all the photos that Ken puts up in auction of the fish and just did a comparison check for colored spots, and fin shapes. Comes in handy for the red and white fish! Other than that sit tight and follow traditional Qt procedures.
  6. I really enjoy these oddball fish, and your new cutie is too precious. Please keep spamming the forum with photos (when she isn't too stressed!) I know I'll never get enough. May you have a very uneventful QT, oh and please a request? Can we get footage of her eating? It's gonna be too adorable not to share. Now I really want a Telechu....
  7. I've heard the more rotund pearl scales varieties can be pretty delicate. It's certainly a breed that I had to personally work my way up to after I got the hang of taking care of a ranchu. I've had incredible luck with Orandas, Ryukins, and Telescopes though. Although as someone has already stated, go for the one you'll enjoy the most. The passion and care will lead you to the education.
  8. I've had good success on Ebay from the seller buygoldfishonline, I've also purchased from Dandy Orandas and aquabid from seller czchang. All the fish I've ordered from these places only showed off the initial stress from shipping but recovered fast and thrived in my aquarium. With my ebay purchase, my sakura lionhead came in with minor ammonia burns. She did came to me after a two-day transit however, the burns cleared up in a week.
  9. Wow, what a gorgeous selection! Serg, if you don't mind me asking can you recall the price of the fish at the place you went to?
  10. Pearlscales have a way of sneaking into most goldie tanks. It's hard to be immune. I hope we see pics, it's our favorite thing on this forum
  11. I like unique looking, pudgy fish. Fancy goldfish fit that bill, and ever since I made this realization, they're the only type of fish I want to keep.
  12. ^ I do remember there was a phase in this forum where Tikus, or pearlscales in general were unpopular. Most members preferred to have orandas, ryukins, ranchu and/or telescopes. Ranchudressing was the only exception that I can remember that was actively trying to keep them. So to be fair there wasn't enough data being collected to attest to the longevity of these fish. I've noticed that recently there has been a boom of pearlscale keepers online, myself included, it'll just be a waiting game to see how ours do, and with our accumalitive experiences what we'll learn to be a general fact. It'll be an interesting topic to keep updated, in the very least. If Pearlscales/tikus can survive past two years I bet it'll be a KOKO user's fish that will do it. As for my chances, I do worry, because my pearlie does have the popular round shape: She's prone to floatiness but so far it hasn't been something that one night of fasting won't cure. She's done incredibly well adapting to the higher nitrates I have in my tanks, and the cooler water temps so I am optimistic. Time will tell though what kind of life she'll lead under my care.
  13. I named my fish after lesser known gods/goddesses hoping that like they're namesake they're long-lived. Iris- Calico Oranda (Greek goddess of rainbows) Jarilo- Red/White Ryukin (Slavic god of harvest) Pamona- Sakura Lionhead (Greek Goddess of harvest/apples) Emesh- Calico Telescope broadtail (Sumerian god of vegetation/summer) Forseti- Chocolate pompom Telescope (Norse god of justice and peace) Although named after a male god, she's female. Nike- White/red Crowned pearl (Greek goddess of victory)
  14. I've also heard with pearlscales, whatever the variety, have shorter lifespan because of how small their gene pools are. Which I think makes since they have more specific characteristics that are being selectively bred for: wen type, calcified scales, round body types and short fins which means more controlled breeding, and thus shorter lives.
  15. Yeah, czhang is wonderful. My Calico Tele is from him, and he's still going strong. I hope it's the same for you, 5 days in a box is very telling- You seem to have gotten some really strong fish. I knew it was only a matter of time until you bought yourself some butterflies, it's one of the key things I associate your username with. Sakura and her Butterflies. Congrats on the cuties.
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