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  1. Thank you ladies for the kind advice. After some research, I decided on two Hagen Aquaclear's 110. At first I was just going to use the bio-rings from my two cycled canister filters (Marineland C-220 and C-360) in the hob's but after seeing the Aquaclear's bio-rings (they are much more porous), I decided to just run all of them at the same time for a few weeks. I would assume four weeks would be sufficient. Agreed?
  2. Thanks tithra. I thought about the exchange of media too but there's nothing I can use from the canister. No space for the bio-balls, ceramic rings, or the filter foam. I guess my best bet is running all of them at the same time for a little while.
  3. Not sure if this should go in the water quality section..if so, my apologies in advance. I have two canister filters for my 75 gal. I have always found them to be a HUGE pita but now that I've gone to a moderately planted tank, it's a nightmare to try and clean them so frequently. So, I have decided to go with two emperor 400's. My question is: Do you think there is enough BB in my sand substrate to just remove the canisters and slap on the HOB's? My tank has been established for quite sometime. Or should I just play it safe and run the canisters AND the hob's for a few weeks or so?
  4. I thought this thread was a joke. I sit here in awe! I, too, never knew they had teeth!!!
  5. I'm interested in purchasing one if you have any babies available.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, comments, and compliments everyone. As you can tell from the pic I do have some river rock in there and it helps. I've also put almost all the plants in hydroponic pots and that seems to help as well. As far as what plants I have, I'm not positive about a few because some came from bulbs that I generically purchased. I do know I have a couple ludwiga stems (hope those survive..I find them to be very gorgeous background plants), westeria, fern, amazon sword, creeping moss, red dwarf lilly) and a plant (can't remember the name of it) that's not fully aquatic but somehow seems to be doing well .
  7. Hmmm, I thought about layering with flourite or something of the like but I'm afraid over time the "layered" look will just turn into a mess of the two. Oh well, I'll live with it. Thanks guys.
  8. I'm attempting to start a planted tank. But my knuckle head big guys won't stop sucking up sand and digging (looking for food, they are piggies). I've put the plants in hydroponic pots which has helped but they keep stirring up debri and my tank never seems completely clean. I'm wondering if it's my fault they seem to bottom feed because I feed them sinking food (omega sinking pellets and thawed frozen food which also sinks). If I change their food to floating flakes (I've heard good things about hikari), do you think I can deter this behavior? If not completely..maybe a little?
  9. I second the dividers. Just be prepared to possibly having to put the female with the male if she gets egg bound. I had to do this yrs ago when I had a divided betta tank. It was a nail biter for me lol.
  10. I have three betta's and all but one do what I call "play" with their food. Suck it in, spit it out and repeat lol. I thinks it all depends on the personality of the fish.
  11. Thanks guys . I bought some from Michaels. Some polished, some not. I got them in a 50 gallon bucket with a power head soaking. I haven't been home in about 3 days and don't know when I will be (at the hospital with my son) but I'm hoping they'll be good to go when we get home.
  12. Sorry to rise a post from the dead but what is all this ww, mmm, and nnnnn? I want river rocks and want to know what stores these members are speaking of.
  13. That's awesome!! I use pool sand. My guys seem to do well but my kisses is a thrasher when he gets excited, might have done a little damage to his scales. My moor and comet are fine though. I have to take the good with the bad...my loaches LOVE it. Good to hear you don't see dust. I washed mine religiously and I still see cloudiness from dust from time to time when it gets agitated.
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