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  1. Thats a great method. Thanks for sharing! My only problem with it is i don't know of a suitable container I have that would fit easily in my tank. Also what if I had plants? Wouldn't want to squish them! But, really, I care about the fish more. I might try this.
  2. @ shellbell IT would be pretty impossible to get an actual pic of this guy, sooooooo tiny! but maybe i'll try to get one up soon of the set-up. Then you can all use your imaginations and pretend i have a camera good enough to capture all the little fry-y details @ badfish I have a spongy on my cannister intake. so no chance of more stragglers unfortunately. don't think im not staring at the bottom of the tank every chance i get hoping to catch a glimpse of another one though!
  3. Well, by looking through Sorsha's fry journal I think he must be about 3-4 days old. How he lasted that long in with the monsters i do not know, but i am glad I have closely examined my breeding box net for holes and since it comes up above the water surface I am hoping for no Houdini moves. He's so fun. I'll be watching for him and all of a sudden he'll burst out of his Riccia cloud and settle at the bottom. Then zoom! back up!
  4. Right after the feeding frenzy this morning i just happened to notice something dart back in under the driftwood. (I have a barebottom save for a few anubias on a pretty good sized piece of driftwood.) After a few minutes of really careful looking i noticed it was a tiny little fry! I knew i had eggs last week, and that some were fertilized, but i thought they all got eaten they disappeared so quickly. After freaking out about him getting eaten while i just sat there watching him i reached in and scooped him up into a cup of tank water that i put some Riccia in. I rushed to the LFS and got a breeding/fry basket thing and found some hikari first bites. He/she is now swimming around in the basket at the top of the tank What now? I've never had fry before...
  5. Freshwater Jellys!!! That is so cool! this page has some interesting info on the life cycle yours may have gone though, if they really are FW jellys, oh i hope they are! so cool! LINK: Some guy in Japan has FW jellys too!
  6. Sakura, That picture is fantastic!
  7. forgot to add my other little solution! When i have company coming over, since the tank is in the living room, i just temporarily add water up to the rim. Then there is no more noise and the tank looks a bit more respectable.
  8. i have the same problem with that filter. As far as the 6 or so months i have had it, the only reason i can tell to keep the outtake above water is the noise and the amount of water lost from splash. I just let it splash and rigged an extra piece of plastic to keep it from splashing all the way out of the tank. I don't mind the noise and it helps with the aeration i think.
  9. do you have baking soda? this may help:buffering with baking soda
  10. I read somewhere that the curling ends of betta fins is a genetic defect that does not conform to the breed standards. But, I rather like them that way. I'm even on the lookout for a curly betta atm myself. You have a beautiful fish!
  11. sooooooo cute! You have such lovely fish, you're making me want a pearlie too!
  12. What's that stuff growing at the top? Beautiful fishie btw!
  13. such little cuties! I love your aponogeton penguin mug
  14. I don't know if you are still considering the divider thing, but I have some info if you are. I am also a poor college student, starving art one at that, I buy a lot of plexiglass. Assuming you live in the US, big home improvement stores have plexiglass in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, they will even cut it for you too. Even better, whenever I go I check to see if they have any scrapes that might be the right size. More often than not they do, and they only charge a very small fraction of the originals pieces price. I am not sure how one goes about making their own divider, but if all it takes is a correctly sized piece of plexiglass it should not cost you more than a few dollars, if your lucky
  15. that's fantastic. I need one too!
  16. Why is it that some plecos can be with goldies and some cannot? Is it that BNs and RNs don't grow as big?
  17. I have dreamed of having one of those for my goldies! I love how it all comes as a kit too... But, I have been reconsidering after doing some research about the pros/cons of the open top. I've read on Oceanic and Marine forums that the corrosion of the materials that hold up the lights is fairly rapid and needed either drastic mends or total replacement due to liquified metals dripping into the water. It seems that the corrosion is less in FW setups but still occurs. I've been back to look at them at the LFS over and over again trying to figure out of a DIY cover could be made that would not take away from the fantastic style of the Osaka's metal and bent glass but have so-far not been able to figure anything out... There is no lip at all to the top rim. the glass is sanded so as to not be sharp and the metal border comes up to just below the top edge of the glass leaving no place for an unobtrusive lid to be inset to the tank. During my frequent trips I have noticed that the price has been significantly dropping (possibly due to the holiday season) making me want to get this figured out more and more.
  18. I bought those bulbs. A pack of Aponogeton and a Nymphaea. Neither grew anything but moldy white fuzz. So I sent them back to the company and about 15 days later I got a bubblemailer full of more bulbs than I had sent to them. Of those, about 12, 3 Aponogeton and 3 Nymphaea sprouted. Only one of each really grew quickly, the others I am still being patient with. The rest of the lot grew moldy stuff like my first batch. So overall, even though it took forever, I now have some pretty nice plants.
  19. I had brown and green variety. I bought what WallyWorld called a "Algae Eater" for a few dollars. By my research it could be either a Siamese or Chinese Algae Eater. It eats the brown but not the green... which i don't really mind, just was not expecting.
  20. I thought "painted" was just a fancy name for calico? what's wrong with them, what's this process they go through?
  21. oh no! what can you do? can you separate them? that is so sad... i don't know what i would do if my fishies didn't get along
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