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  1. Aaaww! He's cute. I love the shape of his body!
  2. I'm sorry you are having a tough time right now Shelly. Hope it will all sort it's self out soon. I just have to say I'm lovin' that background, it makes your beautiful fish really stand out!
  3. I see a well fed baby. Look at that tummy! Cute.
  4. Yay for happy healthy fish! Good job Steve.
  5. How amazingly cute! I love all your fish Jenna, they look great together.
  6. I'm excited for you Molly! Your son is adorable!
  7. : : You like them! Wowzers! You're one brave lady!
  8. So many new babies! They are in good hands, I know they will flourish in your care.
  9. Lucky you! Lovely big tank. I cant wait to see your fish in there.
  10. I'm such a wuss! I used to hate it when ever my fish swam anywhere near me! Over time, and believe me it took about four years! I gained in confidence and I began to touch my fish. It all started with one finger and I let the fish swim to me. I had to really man up one day because I needed to weigh Hercules to work out how much medicated food to feed him. I was all alone so I had to handle him all by myself. After that I got over my fear. Now if I cup my hand in the tank he swims over and sits in the palm of my hand.
  11. Goodness, Aubrey! He is such a handsome fish. I hope he feels better soon.
  12. Wowzers! Aubz, there is only one thing for it, you need to start digging! :
  13. We just had a short break to Lanzarote, I never expected to see anything like this beautiful pond! I'm itching for a pond now. I don't think thats going to happen anytime soon though.
  14. See, I just knew you guys would appreciate it! I really wanted to put my hand in and stroke them but some of them were soooooooooooo huge I thought I might be in danger of loosing a limb! :
  15. This was the best thing about our hotel, every morning I would pay a visit to the fish, they thought I was going to feed them! They were soooooo beautiful I just knew I had to share with you all. Photos don't do this lovely pond justice so here's a video, click on the pic.
  16. I'm a big fan of fun backgrounds. I like it!
  17. Goodness, look how your babies have grown! They are very handsome!
  18. Beautiful tank, fish, plants, driftwood................EVERYTHING! :
  19. It's lovely! I'd love a pond one day.
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