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  1. Fun video i love the look of your sand and your fish are all adorable too!
  2. So sorry your having issues, I do hope you can get to the bottom of what's going on, hope your fish all feel better asap
  3. Give them a little adjustment time, I'm sure they will get used to their new home and their new dad and do the wiggle wiggle feed me dance in no time at all
  4. Not sure about the breed but she/he's gorgeous
  5. For me as a child my Mom and Gram both kept tropicals as long as I can remember, I myself kept tropicals mostly live bearers and chiclids,, until my daughter bought me a betta as a gift, I was hooked kept the for years had tanks all over the house 12 at one time I think, then came the goldfish i love having a tank where fish can be friends lol, I haven't had any luck keeping a betta alive here in Florida I think it's the suffer in the water
  6. So sorry for your losses, but I enjoyed reading through your post, bringing up fry is fun but also frustrating, hang in there
  7. Those yellow babies are so freaking cute!!!
  8. Oh no I do hope blue feels better asap
  9. Thanks everyone When we relocate back to NY I would love to have a pond again if it works out,but I think the next one will be above ground so I can be involved more in the maintenance
  10. Love your tank set up and love Steve
  11. I also agree you have a lovely tank setup, but also agree bigger and more frequent water changes might just be what is needed I hope things work out for you all
  12. All gorgeous fish I'm sure someone will take you up, hope things get better for you asap
  13. Did you get to see my new thread Moor's take 2 ???? Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  14. Awww Googs I hope things work out for you with the new move
  15. Thank you all. I'm currently looking for a new background that my Moor's won't dissappear in lol, as for my filters I have (2) Aquaclear 50's on this tank
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