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  1. I have used clay pots with no ill effects also if your potting plants just remember to rinse and drain regularly to avoid gas build up,or plants like anubias attached to rocks with glue or rubber bands are fun and simple too
  2. Thanks I think I'm finally happy with the Tank except for the hood and lighting which I will replace in august,after our trip to NY is over and were back home,
  3. I don't have anything fancy to clean the bottom of debris either I use a big fish net duck taped to an old broom handle and swirl it around and scoop it out nightly lol
  4. Looks like you scored a gorgeous oranda after QT he/she should fit right in with your current crew
  5. Hello and welcome to koko's I currently have 3 small babies in my 29 high, but I do frequent and large water changes, and I also have a pond that they will be going into eventually Read around the forum, check the guidelines
  6. what a twist of fate and Those Finns Beautiful!!!
  7. Thank you all I'm actually looking forward to one or two of them to change coloring it's all good, and part of the fun
  8. So my trio is doing well I'm happy with the tank,I just need a new hood and lighting which I will get in august,here are a few new pic's of my moor babies The Tank Thanks for looking
  9. Oh No not Steve I hope you get to the bottom of this asap and Steve feels better soon!
  10. oh my gosh so many pretty fishy's thanks for sharing your beauties with us
  11. I'm hoping your goldfish heals up for you asap
  12. wow this thread has taken on a life of it's own... lol
  13. Sorry to hear of your Loss I do hope your able to save your beautiful goldfish,your in great hands here already
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