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  1. Ghost is lonely no more (lol) I was able to add my baby moors over the weekend Thanks for looking
  2. I was thinking blue background this time around and I think you just hooked me
  3. He is very Handsome Congrats on the awesome find I also recently acquired 2 new Betta's from my Sister,they were babies in my daughters apartment last April when she passed,and she saved them for me until I moved back here to NY and she gave them to me as a surprise when we bought our new house
  4. oh my gosh so darn cute Thanks for sharing your pics with us
  5. Introducing Ghost... I still need a few things for this tank like background,decor/live plants, fishy friends,hood and new lighting,but with the new house and 2 kids things are a little tight atm
  6. love your little pond how big is it ?
  7. he is handsome great find
  8. So sorry he's not improving for you I agree the bucket to bucket method is by far the easiest way if your a busy person
  9. I just lifted the potted plant and tipped sideways to drain a few times with every water change
  10. Very nicely done Simply elegant I love your huge white tele
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