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  1. he spends most of his time in the back corner by the heater but I do see him in other parts of the tank as well,I cleaned the tank yesterday and rearranged some stuff,He does come out to eat at feeding time,he had a couple of young guppy's (female) tank mates I removed them as well,I have never caught him flaring at the sides of the tank at all,I can cover the sides if that will help,does color matter?

    Thanks for your help/advise :) I will try to get a pic of him flaring if I can with my good camera later at feeding time...

  2. So this is the other Betta fish my Sister rescued from my Daughters apartment last April it was a baby at the time,my sister kept them in heated bowls,I now have them both in 5.5 gallon tanks,this guy was dark,almost black/grey when I could see him,his color has improved over time but his fins are really bad, I'm guessing he's a tail biter,I have never had one and I haven't actually seen him do this :(

    What is the course of action for him?






  3. So in October my Sister brought me the 2 baby Betta's she rescued from my Daughters apartment,as well as the 5 gallon tank she had her guppies and goldfish in!!  ;o

    The Betta's were in bowls :( and are still recovering,but this guy has me head over heels again :)


    He has no name yet though...

    I'm thinking of re homing the guppies,although they seem to be getting along so far :)

    I want to add live plants,and a snail or two eventually :)


    The Tank













    Thanks for looking :)

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