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  1. ok I went to the pet shop by me today and had the water checked and told the fish department what size tank I had and asked if I could get my fish yet and they said yes that I could have up to 5 goldfish ( i don't believe that at all) so I picked 2 and waiting on a dojo loach I got a red cap oranda and a black moore just so darn cute,while there adjusting to there new home with the lights out I will get pic's later
  2. My 30 Gallon long ready for my goldfish so excited
  3. Ok I am new here and my 30 Gallon Long is still cycling I want goldfish for sure!!! (not sure on what type yet)and not sure how many I can have in my 30 gallon long tank???I also heard I can have a dojo loach with them?what about Snails?Any suggestions would be welcome Thanks in advance
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