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  1. I had a double stand in the past although I loved the look I hated doing maintenance on the lower tank as it killed my back,and suction power was an issue,

    I love side by sides and L shaped for the larger tank Idea,

    I am not allowed tanks in the bedroom :0 so mine are

    55 gallon in living room

    5g #1 kids playroom

    5g #2 kitchen counter, which I am considering moving them catercorner to each other in the kitchen ;) 

    I also like the tank setup you have in your bedroom :)

  2. You are right his stomach is really fat atm,I feed peas last night and will fast a couple of days as well,see if it helps,he looks really bad to me,I have never ever had a betta in such bad shape before :(

  3. yep I've kept Betta's on and off since 2004 ish, I had about a dozen at one time in individule and devided tanks lol but don't ever remember having a tail biter :( Seeing Bubbles made me smile :)

    I will try to get some new pics up later tonight, Hubby's not feeling well and good Camera's in the bedroom currently :(

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