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  1. So I re homed the Guppy Girls and Red (temp name) has been loving his tank
  2. Very Cute No idea about the NOK though??
  3. My remaining Red Betta will chase and eat off the bottom,I keep my tanks bare bottom,he also eats from the top Sorry for your loss
  4. That last pic made me lol such a cutie Sent from my SM-G360P using Tapatalk
  5. I had a double stand in the past although I loved the look I hated doing maintenance on the lower tank as it killed my back,and suction power was an issue, I love side by sides and L shaped for the larger tank Idea, I am not allowed tanks in the bedroom :0 so mine are 55 gallon in living room 5g #1 kids playroom 5g #2 kitchen counter, which I am considering moving them catercorner to each other in the kitchen I also like the tank setup you have in your bedroom
  6. Gorgeous Tanks and Goldfish Thanks for sharing your pics with us
  7. I just found my blue guy dead breaking down the tank and sterilizating it all Sent from my SM-G360P using Tapatalk
  8. You are right his stomach is really fat atm,I feed peas last night and will fast a couple of days as well,see if it helps,he looks really bad to me,I have never ever had a betta in such bad shape before
  9. love that grumpy face Keep up the great work Mikey
  10. Hun I Love Mollies and Live bearers in general.but balloon mollies are the BOMB!!!Love your Tank
  11. yep I've kept Betta's on and off since 2004 ish, I had about a dozen at one time in individule and devided tanks lol but don't ever remember having a tail biter Seeing Bubbles made me smile I will try to get some new pics up later tonight, Hubby's not feeling well and good Camera's in the bedroom currently
  12. ice to have you and all your cute fish back
  13. Tank looks Great and I can't wait to see him with his new friend after qt of corse
  14. I came home to bubbles in front of the tank today I'm hoping that means he's feeling better Sent from my SM-G360P using Tapatalk
  15. I think I'm glad Hubby keeps a tight leash on the wallet
  16. I love that Very Clever and Original Way to Go!!!!
  17. I covered the sides and added the salt last night,but wasn't able to get any new pics,maybe later tonight Thanks for all the well wishes with him I do hope he recovers asap
  18. Congrats on all the new fish I hope they all feel better asap and your qt is uneventful anymore
  19. oh my gosh what grocery store carries goldfish I need one here asap,what a cute/find I would have completely forgot what I went in for lol
  20. he spends most of his time in the back corner by the heater but I do see him in other parts of the tank as well,I cleaned the tank yesterday and rearranged some stuff,He does come out to eat at feeding time,he had a couple of young guppy's (female) tank mates I removed them as well,I have never caught him flaring at the sides of the tank at all,I can cover the sides if that will help,does color matter? Thanks for your help/advise I will try to get a pic of him flaring if I can with my good camera later at feeding time...
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