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  1. Thanks guys he was a goner this am I feed them a variety just like the goldfish hikari pellets tetra crisps and new life spectrum pellets frozen blood worms and brine shrimp algea wafers and peas on sundays followed by a fasting
  2. I was thinking something along the Irish theme... since i got him in march But Brach's is something i might consider Carmel creams are one of my favorite candies when i get a sweet toot craving
  3. Great pics of some very pretty Fish I love your setup thanks for sharing
  4. Have you tried adding a heater?To see if they perk up any?don't most fancy's prefer the temps in the 74 range... maybe they are just sort of hibernating??I know mine were much more mellow with out theirs I wouldn't go with out one again just throwing it out there...but i would also say replace the hose for sure I'm sure that's not made for fish or human consumption I do hope you figure this all out asap
  5. Awesome on all counts I'll bet the Betta Boy will fatten and color up in no time in your care and congrats on the thrift store score!!!!
  6. wishing your momo a speedy recovery
  7. I also LOVE having a Betta in the kitchen Good luck with the new adventure
  8. Sometime we have to do what we have to do I'm sure you tried everything you could and I wouldn't want a tank with a divider like that either
  9. omg that is too funny next time get a vid of it (lol) looking forward to seeing your new lighting
  10. thats too cute Congrats!!!
  11. yay more froggies looking forward to seeing them and the new betta Boy
  12. whoo hoo it must be so exciting looking forward to pics
  13. for all the kindness you've given it sure would be nice for some to find it your way for a bit looking forward to meeting your new friend
  14. I'm sure he's just adjusting to his new environment hopefully he'll cheer up in a day or so
  15. aw sorry about the bn pleco's :(looking forward to more pics and the web cam thing
  16. yay for penny it's always nice to have a good friend (or two )
  17. Good for you I love it when things come together
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