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  1. thanks again everyone yes that is Terion's favorite place to be for some reason,you would think he'd park under the driftwood
  2. yes she is Thanks Sharon Hubby's more concerned with the cements chemical reaction,,,any insight to that??
  3. looking forward to pics Congrats on the new tank
  4. Thanks I'm getting very excited and a little impatient I saw some gorgeous baby fantails at wally world today I so wanted to bring them home but the pond wont be cycled for a while hopefully by my birthday in November
  5. Thanks FishyMandy Here's a better link I hope...https://goo.gl/photos/9ZQFrRyi9cUWtYRSA
  6. just pm your addy when your ready so I can get mine XL
  7. Beautiful Tank I have always loved a blue background behind green plants
  8. ok pond is up and running,still got to fill in planter and some cosmetics,a canopy of some kind and plants,but I'm one happy lady https://goo.gl/photos/AeDteBijg636NUDc6
  9. Hoping to have a full run through today,almost there,I'm getting really anxious and excited at the same time some newer pics are in my photo bucket...http://s15.photobucket.com/user/shellbell4ever/library/Patio%20%20Pond%20Build?sort=3&page=1
  10. You have Gorgeous Goldfish,you made me miss my old Tele's I cant wait to have some more
  11. A few more... Thanks for all the nice comments,I cant believe my babies are going to move to a pond soonish
  12. the keychain one for now,I would also like a larger one down the road too... lol
  13. I love your pond and so many fancies jealous
  14. I love your tank, it's beautifully done I love the Vals and want to try them again someday,I never had much luck with them myself
  15. My 3 Goldfish Sansa,Ayra,and Bran, Ayra & Bran Sansa and Bran
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