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  1. Really looking forward to being a subscriber again
  2. hmmm hopefully you all can get this figured out asap,good thing you held back on moving her
  3. Loved going through this thread again some gorgeous transformations
  4. So if your not able to buy from a breeder, and can only afford box type store goldfish, and purchase baby Moor's (supposedly) and as they grow older and lose their black coloring we then call them a Telescope Eye, but the one's who keep their black remain Moor's I would enjoy your Moor no more pics Show them if you got them, before and after if you have them would be awesome
  5. My oh My you have been busy loved watching all your fry grow and change so much fun Congrats!!
  6. Wow! simply stunning,I'm amazed you put that all together your self way to go looking forward to seeing what you do from here
  7. Sorry your fish isn't feeling well, hope you get things under control asap
  8. He is super handsome, coloring so vibrant, and love his tank
  9. congrats on the win looking forward to pics when she arrives
  10. Hello and Welcome to koko's Sorry your ish is sick How's your Moor Velvet feeling today??
  11. They are doing well thank you, I'm on the hunt for a larger tank set up soon I missed having a tank in the house so much and Telescope eye and Moors are my favorite,
  12. the frog pictured is OK,we like him he keeps the other creepy crawly critters down to a minimum it's the tree frogs and toads making a ruckus at night, last night was a bit better hopefully they have moved on fr a time
  13. I think it looks great, and I'm a big fan of less is more,just wait till your fish get a bit bigger with all the extra room I'm sure they are loving it
  14. oh my gosh that chocolate is so pretty and your kirin to cute congrats on both
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