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  1. ooops I thought they were through tapatalk,hang on working on it lol Thanks for looking
  2. So my Hubby is doing well with the pond (lol) and my fish are growing very nicely,I'm loving all the color on the red ons so intense Sansa Shay Ayra Ayra and Bran Thanks for looking
  3. looks like competitions getting deeper
  4. Growing fast Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  5. Brilliant Idea I know nothing about white algae sorry, and I would tend to agree the white dot in his wen is new growth
  6. I'm so happy to be here again my babies are growing so fast, and my pond fish are so pretty
  7. So happy you were able to save a couple Sorry for the losses
  8. That's great how long have you had him? Indoor or outdoor? I'm just curious I always here people complaining about their fish loosing the black lol
  9. Are you asking me? I currently have a 300 gallon pond with 4 fancy fantail and 1 black Moor, 1 mystery snail, Inside 10 gallon tank with 3 baby black Moor's, who are getting a 30-40 gallon tank next week, and will eventually go into the pond as well Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  10. Wow you have some beautiful goldfish Is there any reason you have so many filters on your tanks instead of one that does the required filtration? and I find the tanks themselves a bit plain for my taste I feel the fish would be really bored, but to each their own Thanks for sharing
  11. Fancy meeting you here get it fancy lol
  12. really?no one here has a telescope eye goldfish that started as a Moor?
  13. Getting back to NY is a must for getting custody of our grandchildren as both the fathers live there and will be wanting relations with their children
  14. So as a few of you know, I'm currently raising 3 baby Moor's in my 10 gallon tank doing 75% water changes every other day, A little bird told me that petco is going to be having there dollar per gallon sale coming up at the end of the month I'm thinking a 30 gallon long or a 40 gallon breeder to give my babies some growing room and to keep me busy eventually they will go in the pond with my others when they are bigger, and as our house is for sale currently I won't be taking them to NY and hubby doesn't want to transport a glass tank I don't want to spend a whole lot, but I will be keeping all my supplies for when we relocate... What do you think?
  15. Is it just the two of us? Lol Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  16. So sorry your fish and dog are having issues I hope they both recoup asap
  17. I'm back to three babies in my Moor Tank
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