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  1. Helen,as ALWAYS,your fish and tank look beautiful You've acquired some precious pearlies And, I am STILL impressed with how clean and pristine your tanks are! It's so good to see your babies again
  2. Without getting into the situation at hand(for the moment),if I used epsom on a fish for 10 days/2 mos. ago,is it safe to treat w/ epsom again now?Thank you
  3. Params are paramount. Look forward to hearing them. Hopefully it's nothing serious.When was the last w/c?
  4. Your work is beautiful Will you give my Veils a go? Here are some pics: Lol,I'll stop there! But I do have a ton of pics,so let me know if you need better or different pics. You choose the ones you would like to draw out of the above Water color would be awesome,but if you really need to practice other methods-you're the artist! Thank you! Oh,and whenever is fine. And,I would be interested in possibly purchasing any originals
  5. I just want to add a final update The red patch has been completely gone for quite some time,but I kept him on MM for 14 days(he loved eating MM all day long!) . Saturday was day 14,and he went happily back into the tank last night. I moved 1 fish from that tank,and put him in the pond-he was nippy,and I suspect he's caused a couple of issues with the others Thank you,everyone!
  6. I just want to pop in for a quick update: he's doing really well-the red is all but gone We will stay on course w/ MM
  7. No,Alex,I had not started the other 3 yet-it was just a preemptive move I was thinking about making. If you think it would be a waste of time I won't. Would MG be appropriate,or should I just hold off entirely?
  8. You can usually get them in a bag(10 lbs or so) at a garden/landscape store. I'm pretty sure Home Depot will have them..........
  9. Don't panic! It sounds like planeria-not dangerous to your fish. I think you just need a good cleaning of your tank and filter. Hang on until someone who knows for sure about them. But,don't panic,and as Mikey has requested,pics would be helpful...........
  10. I am aware of such problems,and have determined it is worth the risk here. I am only asking Alex about the 1 who had them not long ago......Thanks Mikey......
  11. No,he has never dropsied before He was 1 of the 3 fish that got SO bad during the ich debacle-he has been fine since. He is in a tank w/ a white chu that gets red in/under her wen from time to time,and I do use Nitrofuracin Green in the tank-every few mos. As a matter of fact,I used it only for 5 days a couple of weeks ago-as opposed to the 14 recommended...........could that have anything to do w/ this popping up? He is doing really well-he loves being on MM as he can eat all day long The red is not quite as angry looking as it was yesterday. Below is a vid-pardon the lack of focus-I have to hold him upside down w/ 1 hand,and operate the camera w/ the other -but I think you can get an idea of some improvement. The rest of the vid is to show you how he cruises around his tub-he is so much stronger than he was when I moved him . BTW,that was about 30 hrs ago. Is the fact that he's getting better indicative of a bacterial infection? I have a question........b/c that white ranchu in the tank gets red under her wen,I thought it may be a good idea to put that whole tank (3 fish) on MM. My concern is that also in that tank is an oranda that was treated w/ MM for dropsey(symptom) for 19 days-at the end of May-is it not a good idea for him? Come to think of it,this is the 2nd problem to come out of that tank in the past couple of mos.-maybe also a good reason to feed all of them MM? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBfV3OotuM0&feature=youtu.be
  12. Thank you,Lisa-that is very nice of you I was in a rush to get him into qt and did not weigh him. I will weigh him later-I'm just so thrilled he is eagerly accepting the MM I also have a scale to weigh out the MM-thank you very much
  13. Thank you,SC He actually seems better/stronger since the MM. He's had 8 pellets,and is now swimming up and taking them from my hand He's in about 15g of water w/ a cycled filter and air disc. (I'm just documenting all this info......)
  14. I just gave him 2 pellets of MM-I had to almost force it on him-poor guy does not feel well
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