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  1. Thanks for all your help guys! At least I gave it the best try I could and he had a chance at living because of us.
  2. My laptop died so I didn't get to post to let you guys know, Noah V died on the last day of the 5 day maracyn II cycle. Poor lil guy. I guess I should probably stop naming fish after him though. The name is obviously cursed.
  3. I don't have a filter on the hospital bucket (I figured since I'm changing the water every day anyways it's sort of irrelevant, I'm getting airation through a bubbler) so there's not really any media or cycle to get messed up? It's only 5 days so I'll keep changing it 100% every day anyways (Mostly because my hospital bucket is also my water change bucket, sooo, it's really my only option), I'm just wondering for the future. Man I totally was doing all of this in darkness. I was like, OHHH GOD I CAN'T LET ANY LIGHT TOUCH IT AAAAHHHHHH. I'll keep you guys updated.
  4. seriously? So Doing this all in the dark wasn't really necessary? Oh man. Someone could have told me this before I became highly skilled in the art of operating like a mad scientist with almost all the lights off hahaha, my roommates were starting to wonder what I was doing. So I can dole out 6% of a packet then just put it back in its packet till the next day? Alright, I'll keep up with the total water changes. It says to keep doing the treatments for, aw man, I can't remember. Six days? Or do I keep going till there's improvement?
  5. Lol that would be amazing!!
  6. Oh wow!!! Beautiful tank!! And cute fishes. I used to love Bleach, haven't watched it in a while, recognized the name Ulquiorra right away
  7. Not that I can tell, but when I opened up the bucket last night to change the water I noticed a bit of poop, so maybe the feeding with a syringe wasn't a total failure. By the way, is there a better method for the measuring the amount of Maracyn II? He's in a 6 gallon bucket, and 1 pack per 10 gallons I need 60% of that packet... will it hurt the powder to be exposed to the light while I measure it out? (I feel like I'm dealing cocaine or something, I actually used my credit card) Also do I HAVE to do a water change inbetween the doses? I mean, can I just add another sixth of a packet to the bucket water?
  8. Welp, that is what I have done. I'll do it again tomorrow.
  9. So he's looking a bit better. Ya'll want me to try feeding him, do a 100% water change then add 1 packet per 10 gallons, right?
  10. Tried feeding him with a syringe and he actually wanted NOTHING to do with me, so. Dunno if any of it got into his stomach or not. Treated with Maracyn II. Guess I'll take a look in the bucket tomorrow when I get home from work?
  11. How many days can he survive without food? I'm sort of leaning towards that if only so that he won't starve. Can I just pour the maracyn in and it'll dissolve by itself? Will it be okay for the second its exposed to light before I get it covered, or do I have to do it in the dark?
  12. Sooo. Got some Maracyn 2 and well as some Metro... stuff that gets added to food, as well as a syringe so i can force feed him, which I am willing to do. Can someone talk me through the maracyn 2 thing? It says add 2 packets per 10 gallons of water, then 1 packet per 10 gallons for the next five. Now, my fish is actually mostly bottom sitting right now, which is sort of worrisome. Should I go ahead with the maracyn or try to forcefeed him some of the metro?
  13. Haha, yeah, I live in a very big city so the chances of me walking in and being able to go SOOOOO GIMME A FEW PILLS EH? Are not that great. High traffic, lots of drug use, very busy pharmacy. When I went in to get some clove oil and explained what it was for they were super confused. I will end up on some type of government watch list lolol I've had to force feed a fish before (Swim bladder, wanted to eat, was just unable to get it) so hopefully if it comes to that it should be ok.
  14. Alright, I'll try to find a suitable syringe while I'm at it tomorrow. Drugstore, I suppose? Thanks for all your help, you guys. You especially Dnalex!!
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