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  1. Whew, that your guy is also not 100% firm does help put my mind at ease! I’ve never had such a deep bodied fish before, so it’s nice to know he’s not alone I’d love to see the video, just to compare to be sure. I’ll give him a good poke in the morning- he thinks it’s great, he’s one of those fish who loves people and will get in your way while cleaning and feeding. But, I love your ryukin, he’s gorgeous with that real hump in his back and pointy face. How cute! I didn’t own him before this- I bought him at the end of January, but he was imported/cleared for sale around 3 months prior as I understand, so he’s been here 6 months-ish? Maybe longer if QT and importing took longer? The guys who own the shop are quite select and import a lot of ex-show fish for breeders and such who want good breeding stock (Of various species, not just goldies) at a reasonable price, and are very good at getting their background info right. I was warned right up that this boy was close to 7 and that’s why he was so discounted (they imported him specially for someone who wanted a yellow/black moor on the cheap, and they backed out of the sale. They had a hard time selling him after that due to age and damage and because he got ick on the trip over and looked pretty sad and sorry for awhile. Originally they had $100 on him, and I debated buying him but decided to think on it first, but he was listed at $50 when I went in next time, and they offered him to me for $35 because they just wanted to get rid of the poor old guy to somewhere nice. They know I have a soft spot for teles- even if he’s not a butterfly or my usual kind. So, I ended up with him in the end, and no regrets!) but, hopefully he’ll live another 7 years yet! He seems quite healthy, so I don’t see him going anywhere soon anyway. He’s still an impressive fish due to sheer size, and I get lots of compliments on him in person (my photography skills really are awful) but I wanted him primarily for colour and breeding reasons, so I’m ok with a bit of spawning damage. I think he’s been blind for a few years, and I think he’s knocked himself up a bit as a result (his eyes look like cataract city and with how he swims like a bulldozer I’ve had to make the tank super safe.) The matching girlie I got, Shadows, is much younger, she’s really only just developing her hump now, but she’s lovely too. Single anal fin though, but other than that she’s a great pick for potential spawning with him (she’s from yellow/black parents, though she’s kept her black so far). If I get a spawn from her and Chestnuts this year with some nice offspring, I’ll be super happy.
  2. Hi Narny! Long time no see. It seems I only jump on Kokos when I have a problem now. As far as I can tell it does spring back (didn't get a really good look at this though, will have to poke him again tomorrow at feeding time to check, but I didn't notice the dent staying and I think I would have if it did.), and feels soft rather than mushy, if that makes sense. But, it’s way softer and has much more give then the average fish. I’m hoping that because he’s just a huge fish (he has a LOT of stomach room for a male, he’s very tall, deep in the belly and wide, but now I’m concerned some of that may be swelling or fluid retention) and not something else. It’s still very odd though. His scales are perfectly flat and he’s 100% himself. I have noticed he is sometimes weird with his swimming (when pecking for food at the bottom sometimes flips over and such) but I think that’s just how he likes to move (He and the female are both very rough and tumble- push everything out of his way and flop over each other type fish) and not a balance thing. He’s certainly not any more off balance then half the fancies I’ve had anyway. Worth mentioning the colour change I guess just in case- He’s been undergoing a gradual colour change for many years (he’s from a yellow/black panda line where they slowly loose the black over many years. So is the female, but she hasn’t lost the black yet. That’s part of the reason I nabbed them up, it’s a colour I’ve been keen on for awhile but fish that have a gradual enough colour change to hold the black/yellow for years are uncommon). He’s also been shown in Singapore for a few years (with some minor success) so he could have been exposed to any number of things with transport and show tanks and such.
  3. Chestnuts (He came with the name) today (Awful picture sorry- No lights in the aquarium means my awful picture skills are worse then ever. Having just done a WC it's cloudy too.) A better photo from before my lights died (I'm still waiting for my order of new ones to arrive too, such a pain D:) My crummy photo skills don't do him any good. He's gorgeous, his body (excluding fins) is about the size of my fist. He's got flaws on his tail (bends to the lower fork, looks more like shipping damage then genetics though to me) and one of his eyes has been bashed in from spawning (according to the seller- he did show me photos from lasy year with symmetricial eyes so this is probably true), but otherwise for the price I paid for him ($35 AU, bargain of the year even consdering he is quite old. I also bought the female they have been spawinig him with too.) I'm very happy. It is worth noting that he is about 7 years old now though, was a previous spawner/producer fish, and was imported from singapore around 6 months ago. This may factor into his issues (Age and potential infections from overseas or being exposed to new pathogens here)
  4. I’m worrying over one of my newest fish. He’s a large male (has spawned and has stars) black moor with a ryukin build (demekin). I only noticed this in last weeks WC. It could have been like this when I got him, or started any time since, as I’ve never actually probed his belly before that. He seems 100% happy and healthy and himself, but his stomach is soft. I've never had a fish with a soft stomach (besides females for a few days coming up to and post spawn) before and it's kind of freaking me out. All I can think is that worst case situation it's an internal infection or infestation of some sort (nematodes?), but if his stomach is soft that would indicate (based on other people’s experience with internal infections and issues) that it's pretty far progressed and I'd expect fluid retention and/or dropsy and abnormal behaviour if so. On the other hand I guess it could be an issue with osmoregulation or something along those lines, which means it could get worse over time (if he is retaining fluid and that is why he is soft) The unusual thing is he is 100% happy and healthy. He’s a very large demekin moor, and I’ve had him for 3 months or so now. Naturally he has a very high back and deep stomach, being very ryukinish in his build, but even with fish with that build and large abdomens I’ve never experienced a male with a soft belly. I guess being male and lacking the larger female reproductive organs he could just have ‘spare room’ inside and that’s why he’s soft, but I doubt it. He also has odd eyes (not perfectly symetericial) which do have a slight ring at the base, but it does not seem like pop eye to me at all, just the same base of the eye many of my teles have had before. Having no idea what’s going on I thought I’d ask for suggestions. So far I’m leaning to a course of metromeds (or, being in Aus, making my own gel food with Flagyl/Metro and feeding that out) and trying to get some fecal samples and a microscope to do some slides and have a look. I think this will have limitations though (if it is something it would have to be in the intestinal tract to show in such a sample, ie something infecting the liver would probably not show) Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level (tank): 0 * Nitrite Level (tank): 0 * Nitrate level (Tank): 0-5 (fluctuates, live plants aid in absorption) * Ammonia Level (Tap): 1 * Nitrite Level (Tap): 0 * Nitrate level (Tap): 0 * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 8 (hardness mid range) * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 8 (hardness mid range- Sorry, my kit for GH and KH is strips and awful) * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops?: API drops * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)?: Overhead sump, ceramic and sponge media (x4 p/h but a large amount of media- it’s a very effective filter that follows the principal of water-media contact time and not flowrate itself as the determiner for the effectiveness of the filter) * What kind of water additives or conditioners?: Prime, show master goldfish ‘salt’ electrolyte mix * Water temperature? 20*C but can get higher in summer * How often do you change the water and how much?: 70% every 5 days to a week * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change?: Today (3rd May) 70% * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running?: 25Gal * How many fish in the tank and their size?: Two large moors (This is QT, hence smaller size. I QT for 3+ months on older, more expensive stock for safety’s sake now. Permanently I’d like to house them in at least 50+Gal together) * What do you feed your fish and how often?: NLS Sinking pellets, occasional blanched veggies, fed twice daily for these two. * Any new fish added to the tank?: No, these are new purchases (3 months ago and same source) and being QTed together * Any medications added to the tank?: No * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.): Slight ick when bought, treated with salt * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?: Soft belly, otherwise normal * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.?: No * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank: were salted and prazi’d as per the general way done here upon arrival. Pictures incoming- Please bear with me. The lights in my tank have died and I'm waiting on replacements so good photos are hard to get! Not that theres anything really visually wrong with him anyway.
  5. Huh, that does make a lot more sense. I guess I assumed Ken was breeding some himself still. I recall he used to breed and sell orandas (Hence being Dandy Orandas) while also importing and selling at the same time. Thats a little bit sad, sometimes I think I would like to see a bit more of breeders buying, selling and trading within a country (Raingarden style) to keep this a feasible hobby for the small time breeders and keepers here, rather than the huge reliance on imports to feed the goldfish (and aquaria in general) hobby. I suppose it’s not as cost effective as imports though, as raising fish in the USA is more costly.
  6. I thought that goldfishconnection was a breeder selling fish. No? nope, they are imports... primarily from china I believe (some probably come from japanese and thai breeders as well, but I don't know) I was under the assumption the vast majority were Dandy Oranda fish. Pretty much all of the photos have had the DO watermark over the last few years.
  7. Thanks guys! I originally planned to bide my time and get one or two very nice fish, but I always seem to be a sucker for the ones needing a home. Either way, I?m very happy with how Mischa is turning out (she?s quite an impressive creature in real life, super friendly too) , and I think little weeny will grow to be a great moor regardless of her fins, as she has that beautiful tele body shape.
  8. My family has some shubunkins my Grandmother bred chilling in our ponds. She has been deceased for 10 years, and did not breed them for the last few years, so they are at least 11 or 12. I have a feeling this winter may be the last for some of them though, as age does seem to finally be catching up with a few of them. ): I’m sure I can get some photos off my phone if anyone is interested. They are big! She also had two orange/met Bristol shubu shaped fish (I think they may have been Bristol culls actually) that were around for years before I was born. They originally belonged to my aunt, but ended up in a huge tank in the hall next to the bookshelves. They would have been nearing 15 by the time they died. On the fancy side though, my oldest fancy is a plain jane fantail (Known jokingly as Hitler because she had a hitler stashe when when got her) who would be 4 or 5. I don’t think I’ve known a fancy who’s hit 10. ): She lives with the shubies. I think my mother’s sarasa comet pair would be the same age, maybe a bit older.
  9. Hi guys! Here is the new moor who just joined my (now overcrowded ) tank from QT. She was taken for cost price (See, like $2) from my favourite LFS because he was that bashed up from shipping that she was probably not going to make it through their QT procedures. Her siblings are currently on sale for a decent price, so I think she was a bargain anyway. Her fins are still crimpy (and I'm told are likely to stay that way), and one anal one tore and healed very strangly in a 'lump' of fin, but otherwise all her splits have healed and she's looking much happier. He just LOVES to follow Rico around all day. (Note, the moor is MUCH smaller then this makes him seem. He is up front where Mischa’s fin is, while Rico is way up the back in the rockwork) “OMG! I’m a fish!” ‘Weeny-fish’ Still needs a proper name, so feel free to suggest some! Weeny seems to be a girl, if that helps some! A few people have also been asking about Mischa, my other 'rescue' fish, the red oranda. Here is how she is going now! She is still a bit beat up, dorsal seems to be broken for good even 3 months later, but she is much better now. She also seems to be growing a hump ryukin style, rather then the smooth back she had before. It can be hard to show with the wen in the way, but see the pics below. At the moment as a result, she looks a bit awkward though! She's also full of eggs again, so extra fat. BEFORE (When first bought home) NOW! (3 months later) Note- No proper photos of Rico this time, sorry. He's as gorgeous as ever, though!
  10. Alex, you gave me a heart attack. I thought someone had crammed koi into a tank! Nope, no pumps or equipment needed to make one of these, but only the vacuum caused by rigging it up! Actually helped fit a few of the spherical ones before (I personally think those ones are ugly, though I love the concept… I do like this one though!) If you want to see what makes this work in action, go to your sink for a second and fill it right up. Grab a cup and submerge it. Make sure it is full of water and all in the water. Now, pull it out with the open end down in the water. As long as the open end is completely submerged/under the waterline and no air can get in, you can pull it up and the water will stay in it. I can’t remember the exact name of the phenomenon (I’m sure someone will chime in with it though!) but it’s pretty cool and easy to do. If you had any large enough container and a way to mount it, you could do this with any pond or tank. Generally people use a stick or net to put floating pellets into it (putting them in through the pond), to encourage the fish to go into it.
  11. We drilled -lots- of large holes (Like, half inch gauge holes) in the bottom where it would overhang the next planter. If your holes are big, you can put a bit of egg crate or similar over them to stop your media falling out. (I recommend ceramic noodles and bio balls in this filter. Then top each planter with a layer of gravel or volcanic rock to hide the media a few inches deep, and plant your waters edge plants in it.) We decided on drilling the bottom instead of front because of the slight possibility that water below the drain holes on the front may sit and go stagnant (breeding ground for all kind of nasties), especially if using a lower GPH with this, whereas if the holes are right on the bottom all the water drains to the next regularly regardless of the amount of water being flushed through (so it will continue to drain properly even on even a very low GPH). Though in all honesty it would probably not matter either way as long as your turnover/GPH is adaquate. Drilling the holes is easier, and less likely to crack a planter of you use nice cement or real terracotta ones then sawing/cutting a hole. To drill, flush the area with water as you do so to keep it cool and stop any cracking. If you like, at a later date I can probably put up a complete DIY with photos an instructions instead of crummy paint drawings, as I may be building another over the next month (when the weather improves here anyway) for another friend, that follows this basic design. Either way, it’s pretty flexible to make it however you want, even just following the basic diagram, and it is a very effective (and pretty much 100% maintenance free!) pond filter! It also provides a complete nitrogen cycle via the plants if you have enough, so can help to turn you pond into a selfsustaining ecosystem cycle wise.
  12. Inspirational. Might be just do that for my pond filter It works really well. I would recommending in high density ponds to consider rigging the pump up to a media dense filter to separate solid waste (fish poop, leave, etc) and then to this so only water flowed through this one ( so it is not dealing with large waste breakdown and getting choked up, ie, mainly a nitrogen cycle filter), but it works fine either way. The more tiers/planters, the more media and filtration you will have going on. Using nice big ones gives this amazing feature. If you used non leeching planters you could even modify it so the water flows from the top of the planter to the next, making it a true waterfall looking thing and giving the water as it overflows natural UV exposure (sterilisation), but that would require a lot more effort (and testing!) to get the flow right, rather then just drilling the bottom front of these, stacking them, and rigging up the pumps.
  13. Black seems to be getting more stable as we breed better and better strains, so don’t worry too much, there’s a great chance your blackies will stay black! The best analogy I can think of is like a wall. You put a layer or white on, you paint over that with orange, then that with black. The other colours are still there, but the black masks them all. If you remove the black you see the orange, if you then remove the orange you see the white. Fish with NO colour whatsoever are coloured like china doll teles. Golden/transparent skin and fins, and red eyes. White fish with red eyes still have the white pigment layer and are not technically colourless. Of course there can be other colour layers too, and various patterns (white/red) and all those crazy things, so each and every fish is an individual. I know of one person who had a jet black ranchu lift his black colour to be a beautiful sunburst yellow, and another who shown he had sarasa markings (red/white) under his black when it lifted. Fish are crazy!
  14. It’s pretty easy to get export permits from anywhere, so if you have super lenient import laws and you can get cheap shipment or get onto the bimonthly betta shipments, it would totally be worthwile! Australia has crazy strict customs/border rules. ):
  15. I’m so sorry to hear this ): It was probably a combination of the stress of clove, wen trimming and the drop. ): But Spillie, you were trying your best to give this fish a comfortable quality of life and please try not to feel too bad. Good thoughts your way. ):
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