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  1. WoW, its been a while. Here are some updated pic's. sry its been soo long!! Heres a shot of the setup This is my sump - after i rebuilt it. My nemo (he died ) SOme mushrooms Zoo's I will post more later
  2. Before you decide to buy a tank, you should look into what fish you would like to keep. Make sure they are Reef Safe. i believe all the fish you listed are ok in a smaller tank. i don't know about Sea Horses... i think if yo go with Sea horse, you are stuck with only sea horse. as for coral.. if you have the proper lighting (4-7 Watts per gallon or more) you could keep any coral/clams. you will need 1-2Lbs of live rock per gallon. when u pic your corals, read about their requirement before buying them, check how much flow/light they need. some corals if too close to each other will have a chemical warfare, they would need to be separated within the tank. best thing to do is look around and make a full plan of what you like in your tank, and research it before buying. it looks like the tank comes with the needed filtration. there is no protein skimmer, but i see alot of tanks without it. so to get started you need -tank -Live rock -argonite sand bed -salt mix (and something to check the salinity) go see a LFS that deals with S/W they should help you out with getting started.
  3. i posted a new thread (i wanted a diffrent title) if u want to delete this one its fine
  4. i just have to point out, the table is perfectly fine. (Shawana wants an excuse to spend money). i had large piece of acrylic glass under the rockwall, and any pieces that spilled i vacuumed up easily. there is ONE little foam mark on the table that can be scrubbed off with an SOS pad. more pic's coming later
  5. I have seen tanks before that had rock walls and i LOVED the idea. i Decided i would try it. it was a very fun (and messy) project. all the of product's i used have been in an established tank for over a year, so i went a head and used them. i don't want to be responsible if someone uses them and has a problem with them, so use at your own risk. I started with "egg crate" or Light diffusers and cut them to fit the back of my tank. Lay them flat to i can play with my "dry" rock I've been collection and make it look sorta how i want it. I had to use a grinder to split some of the rock in half. I drilled holes in the rock and zip tied them in place (1-2 Tye's a rock). I picked up 4 cans of "great stuff" foam. its crack and gap filler. (red can yellow top) I picked it up at Home Depot. basically i sprayed the entire egg crate with this stuff. under rocks covered zip Tye's. You cant really use too much of this stuff (i will explain why). I made a few lumps to simulate rocks. It looked really horrible at this time, but it turns out nice. wait about 20 min to let it dry on the surface. If you touch it and it sticks to your fingers its not ready. I out gloves on for this, i mushed the foam into the egg crate, flattening it and formed it under the rocks for support. you can add more foam if u need to. i let it dry over night, the can said 8 hours i think. i picked up a 50lb bag of agrinite, u can use sand, just research it and make sure its clean. and a box of 2 part finishing resin http://www.zapglue.com/Finish.html . this part is MESSY! mix a bit of glue, and "paint it on the foam. i use alot to be sure the sand covered it. then pour the sand on. i did it in small sections at a time to be sure the glue didn't set on me. once its covered let it dry ( i left it over night, but moved the wall out of the way after 6 hours. glue it into the tank! now this is pretty much permanent! i used 5 tubes of aquarium safe silicone. basically goop it REALLY good so no water can get behind the wall. stick it in place and find a way to hold it against the glass. (see my pics lol) after 24 hours u can take the supports off, but let it cure for 72 hours before adding water/live stock. Pic's coming soon
  6. it could be a while before pic's. i dont know if i can get much done this weekend. the serious work will be next weekend. and cure times will play a large part in how long this will take.
  7. I am planning on doing a Rock wall for my SW tank. heres the plan if you use concrete i would put 1/2" or larger foam on the back. you don't want alot of the the concrete touching the glass, it expands/contracts applying tension on the glass. concrete could take a while to cure and be fish safe. the chemicals will make your PH levels rise high. u would have to let the rock wall dry for 48+ hours (i would go longer) then you would need to soak it in water, the chemicals will leech out raising the PH level. keep doing water changes until the PH level isn't affected by the cement. i know that you dint want any dead water space, so when you put your wall in you will want to seal it to the back of your tank. I'm going to use silicone and lots of it. (you will never get that wall off) As for cleaning, you could use a big brush to scrub it... some algea would be difficult to clean off. if you post your idea's we can give any suggestions that may help.
  8. I have decided to go with a DIY live rock wall for my 90g. i have a solid plan on how I'm going to do this. i will take pic's while working on it and post them. I have picked up some Dry live rock for the wall. i was picky and will have to split some of them. All the materials i used I've researched and they have been used in tanks for over a year with no problems. Heres the plan: I will cut Egg Crate to fit the back of the tank, this will be the base of my wall. next i will lay the egg crate down and plan where i want my "real" rocks to be. I will drill some holes in the rocks and zip Tye the rocks to the egg crate. if i need to i will make a tray out of egg crate to support the larger rocks. i picked up "Great Stuff" foam from Home Depot (red can yellow top). i will make a coat of foam to cover the egg crate. gotta get under and around the rocks for extra support. when the foam is JUST dry enough to touch i will mush it into the egg crate and flatten it. I'm going to let it dry for at least 24 hours maby more. i have Argonite sand (SW stuff) that i will GLUE to the wall. there are many options for this, i picked argonite. i am going to use Elmer's Ultimate glue this stuff. its been used before with no problems. basically use a brush and get this stuff EVERYWHERE, and pore sand on it. this this stuff dry for 24-48 hours. then i will put it in my tank and silicone like mad! i want to get the whole back of the tank so that no water gets behind it. I'm thinking I'm going to have to prop it in there somehow to hold it tight. in about 6-12 months it should be covered with Coraline algae and look aw some.
  9. looks good to me! im u gotta post some pic's after!
  10. sounds like an awesome plan. just watch when using cement/glue. assuming this rock will be in contact with your fish water, u really should let it soak in water and watch the PH levels. the chemicals in the glue/cement will discharge out and can be harmful. you can do water changes to speed up the "curing" process. when your glue/cement is safe, you will get a PH reading same as your tap water. in the beginning of the curing process first check your tap water PH, then soak the rocks. watch for a spike in PH so that you know that the posses has started. keep changing the water and checking PH until your readings are consistently the same. and there ya go fish safe rock.
  11. lol. yea, there is alot to consider. with water changes u should mix the salt water the day before ( i haven't been and should be) but once u have the skimmer and an established tank, with the right setup u really only have to change water once a month. the only reason to change it in this case is for new salt. the salt you buy help fight phosphates, buffers PH and Calcium, and probably other stuff i don't know about yet lol.
  12. I have some coral/sponge trying to grow on a couple rocks, but i don't have any t5 lights yet. theres some snails and crabs, i have spaghetti worms in the sand bed. i think i posted my decorator crab somewhere here. as for the 90g +33sump, i will be building a rock wall for the back and a removable(magnetic) finishing for the stand. the rock walls will take some time to make and cure so it will be I'm thinking 1-2 months before i can move all my stuff from the 45g over. i plan on eventually getting alot of SPS when i get good at keeping a safe environment, and when the funds let me. i reallly like trigger fish, but most of them may nip at corals... so i might just go with some clown fishies.
  13. sounds like i great idea. u could probably hide the rubbermaid with a rock wall or something. keep us posted
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