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I have been involved in goldfish since around 2007. And continue to learn all the time! At present I have four goldfish, two ryukins, one moor and one fancy fan tail in a 55 gal tank. I also have a planted 23 gal flat back hex with mostly red eye tetras and two platys, and a 30 gal with black skirt tetras, platys, a rainbow shark, bristlenose cat and raphael cat.

I had more fish but about a year ago I divorced my husband and moved out, taking the tanks and my dogs with me. The hardest part of the move was the fish. I hired movers for the house but wouldn't let anyone move the fish. My son and I packed them in buckets with battery powered bubblers and as much tank water as we could bring with us. A surprising amount of the fish did survive including all my goldfish. I have lost two of them since long after the move, not sure why.

I'm divorced with a son who is married and has a daughter.. I am a neurologic assistant/transcriptionist with the same doctor for 20 years. I live in East Central Florida. I have large three rescued dogs from the pound in addition to the three tanks. I love gardening, which is relatively easy to do here in Florida. I wish keeping fish was as easy!

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