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  1. Thats what Im afraid of too! I have saved many a fish that I thought for sure would die by using his medicated food.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate your timely responses. Im, unfortunately, a lazy goldie owner, its so much easier to just order something! LOL. Im always afraid to make medicated food, but I guess I'll need to. It was MediGold that I was after. Every single time that I used it, it helped. Even on fish that I thought for sure would die. I use most of the other foods that you all have listed, except for a few that I' haven't heard of. I'll have to go shopping. I always offer a variety of food, but as I said, Goldfish Connections gold food is my primary diet. Oh, well. Guess I better get mixing! Thanks everyone.
  3. I don't order from Goldfish Connection often, but only because I only have two goldies. But their Pro-Gold is my primary food. I find myself recently in need of the antibiotic food (can't remember the name) but when I got to the website, it says "all products are sold out. Thanks for doing business with us for 25 years".. And thats it! It doesn't say if they are closing up shop, reordering or what? I sent an email to Rick there who usually answers emails quickly but I haven't heard back. Does any one have any idea what is going on? If they are closing, is there another reputable website that sells similar food and medications? Jude
  4. lets see if this works. I have a link to youtube. https://www.youtube....be_gdata_player This doesn't look like it will work either. Didn't come out as a link. Copy and paste maybe? darn it. Says its private. I'll have to work on that later.
  5. Im so bad at that sort of stuff. Id hoped since I now have an Android phone I would be able to post pics/videos easier but I can't. So, even if our FB is public, we are not allowed to link to a video there?
  6. Well I wasn't able to upload to Youtube but I did get him on my Facebook. So if you want to see his video it would be on my page, which is [info deleted by DNAlex].
  7. Im trying to upload a video to You Tube from my phone but I have very little power from my cell phone out here where I live in the boonies. If the upload doesn't work, I'll see if I can at least take a picture but I don't want to mess with the phone and lose the video right now. Looking at him while filming, the swelling IS smaller than before I added salt.
  8. Ok, I'm back again. I restarted this thread because it pertains to the same fish (Baron) and a similar, but different problem. Well, Baron did totally recover from whatever that infection or whatever it was. He has been great until, I guess around Christmas. Then he developed another swelling, but this one is abdominal. Hoping what we did last time would work, I QT'd him, used Melafix for a few days and fed him Metromeds for 15 days. Didn't make a difference. In addition to the swelling, he has been mostly floating around with the swelling pointed up (swim bladder?), although at meal times and water changes he is able to swim normally. Well, after New Years, I was away from home most of the time but able to come home on Mondays and Fridays. Which I thought was good because if it was some sort of blockage, fasting might help. Although he has been pooping normally. So then I would clean the QT tank on Mondays and add Epsom salts and feed him either ProGold or Spirulina flakes. Then feed him again on Fridays. Still no better. Since I didn't have much of a chance to get on the computer and at my wits end, yesterday (I am home full time now) after I changed the water, I decided to add regular aquarium salt. What do you know?! He is now mostly swimming normally. Immediately after adding the salt, he did take a big poop. The swelling is still there (maybe a tiny bit smaller) but he isn't floating anymore either. So what do I do now? Based on what I've posted and the results of the salt, what do you think it could be? Obviously I will be keeping him in QT for a while and I guess I should continue to add salt on water change days. But what is the salt doing? I don't want to put him back in the goldie community tank because my black moor is a bully and I don't want Baron stressed anymore. Any ideas?
  9. I believe that as of yesterday, it was 15 days. They are supposed to be on it for 14, correct? Since there is still a soft spot, do you think I should continue? Or just start feeding Pro-Gold and keeping the water clean? I agree with QT for awhile. I'm afraid to put him back in the main tank just yet. He appears fine. As I said, he's swimming, eating and pooping normally, but that has only been for about a week or maybe a little more. Since he (and I!) have been through so much with this, I want to give him the best possible chance!
  10. just wanted to let you know that the MM is a miracle! Believe it or not, Baron is still alive and doing fine. He is still in QT and is being fed MM twice a day, as much as he can eat within a few minutes. His tumor or cyst or whatever it was is gone. There is a mark there where it was, but the swelling has gone. The area is still soft but there is no discharge or anything coming from it. He is swimming normally, eating and pooping normally. I've been doing about a 50-75% water change about 3 times a week. But that stuff is amazing! I'm so thrilled. I thought for sure that he was a gonner. I totally cannot believe that he has (apparently) completely recovered. I guess I am finished with the meds, but should I continue for another few days? How much longer should I keep him in QT? I am afraid to put him back in the goldie community tank. I'm worried about the other fish going after him again.
  11. Ok, still can't get any vids or pics up. I can only do it by accident and that didn't happen this time. Sorry. Nope, no scale.
  12. Thankfully the Metromeds came today. Will start immediately. He's been in epsom since 8-4. The fluid came out of where the lump had been. Didn't plan to express any more. At first it was accidental during palpation but since it came out so freely I just got a bit more. Again, as I said, I was pressing up his body, not squeezing or pushing into his body. I know that can be dangerous. So, gonna go and do another w/c and add Melafix. You said no epsom after 8 days, correct? SO should I add for two more days, you think? And since there is a hole (wound) obviously where the pus came from, should I be adding antibiotics to the water as well for external infection or is the metromeds and Melafix enough?
  13. Haven't had much to report since I haven't received Metromeds yet. But I was checking him out just now and noticed that the swelling is entirely gone as is the popeye. SO I was feeling the spot where the swelling was and noticed it felt soft. As I was feeling it, pus (I guess) started coming out. So I gently pressed on it, pressing up his body not into it and got some more out. I pressed a few more times to get more out but when less started coming out, I stopped. Didn't want to stress the fish or disturb the slime coat any more than necessary. My mail goes to a PO box so I'm going to run out now and see if the meds have come yet and hope that once we get started on that, it will help. Even though the swelling is gone, he isn't swimming at all, just laying on the bottom of the tank and not really eating much but I am able to get some into him with the syringe in front of his mouth. Obviously this is some sort of infection. He did not have a wound when all of this started (that was noticeable). If it wasn't a wound, any idea what this could be? And based on my new info, does anyone have any other treatment suggestions? Or continue as is? And should I continue the epsom? Add salt? Neither? It seems as if there actually might be a chance. Based on what he looked like before, I NEVER would have thought so! Thanks for all of the good advice so far. Baron and I appreciate it.
  14. sorry about the delay. I started the JUngle antibiotcis before I saw your response. havent received Metro meds yet, prob tomorrow. But I did start the Jungle antibiotics before I saw your response. Being in the medical field, I know that is wrong, but I'm sure you understand the desire to do SOMETHING. For some reason, prob NOT the antibiotics, but the lump is MUCH reduced (epsom? Thanks for the suggestion, it didn't occur to me to use that) and the eye inflammation has gone down as well. But Baron is NOT moving. HE just lays in the bottom of the tank. I am using Epsom and Melafix and syringing the Jungle into his mouth, which he really seems to be sucking down. But if I just put food in the tank, he doesn't go after it. I don't understand this. Why would the swelling/tumor/whatever.... go down so much, so fast, but other than than he is not improved. I'll see if I can post a pic/video in the next couple of days. I'll keep trying. as DNAlex said, the M/M2 probably had no effect but I don't understand the improvement in the swelling but absolutely NO improvement in his condition/movement. Not gonna give up. Ill be thrilled as all hell if I can pull him through this, but honestly, it doesn't look good. Although for a while there, I really thought that the "tumor" was going to burst. I hope its not a bad thing as if the tumor burst INSIDE him, rather than out. Any other suggestions? Ideas? Diagnoses? Thank you all for your help so far!
  15. I will order the meds today. Until they arrive, is there anything I can do in the meantime besides Epsom? I do have Jungle's "antibacterial food" but I can't find what, if any, medicine it contains. Strangely there is no active ingredients list and the product isn't even mentioned on their website! Should I try that in the meantime or could it cause more harm than good?
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