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  1. Thats what Im afraid of too! I have saved many a fish that I thought for sure would die by using his medicated food.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate your timely responses. Im, unfortunately, a lazy goldie owner, its so much easier to just order something! LOL. Im always afraid to make medicated food, but I guess I'll need to. It was MediGold that I was after. Every single time that I used it, it helped. Even on fish that I thought for sure would die. I use most of the other foods that you all have listed, except for a few that I' haven't heard of. I'll have to go shopping. I always offer a variety of food, but as I said, Goldfish Connections gold food is my primary diet. Oh, well. Guess I better get mixing! Thanks everyone.
  3. I don't order from Goldfish Connection often, but only because I only have two goldies. But their Pro-Gold is my primary food. I find myself recently in need of the antibiotic food (can't remember the name) but when I got to the website, it says "all products are sold out. Thanks for doing business with us for 25 years".. And thats it! It doesn't say if they are closing up shop, reordering or what? I sent an email to Rick there who usually answers emails quickly but I haven't heard back. Does any one have any idea what is going on? If they are closing, is there another reputable website that sells similar food and medications? Jude
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