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  1. hi, me again. this time with SALT QUESTIONS!!! (always something). I've been doing the prazi rounds now thanks to your explanations- please can you explain though, where it says do a 50% wc then replace salt, how does that work? if i add the same amount of salt i added before it will go over 0.1% as I am only removing 50% of the water, no? last time i added 148g of salt for a 39 gallon tank, but now i'm not sure how much to add to replace the salt if I've only taken away half the water. its a bit mathematical for me! logic says add half of what i added last time, so 74g, but thats assuming the distribution through the tank was equal from top to bottom. Am i making this too hard? surely there is a simple answer? this is obviously a question I'm going to have ongoing as each stage of each round has a 50% WC.... Thankyou!
  2. hi thanks for replying with that advice- no i dont know about salting if you can help me out with that too?- one of the things i was confused about.
  3. hello! just wondering if we can discuss the plan now? thankyou!
  4. it is pure praziquantel, i haven't put any salts or treatments in the tank before- just gold buffer/ prime if either of those have an effect?
  5. hi all, a LONG long wait but i finally have my prazi (imported). although squeak has been generally better since the introduction of peas, i do want to get this started as he has his off and on days still. A couple of questions though, the schedule recommended on here states the below: Day 1: Big WC (>50%), add Prazi. Make sure salt is at the appropriate concentration. This is the beginning of Round 1. how can I check the concentration of salt or know how much more I am adding if i need to add some? and how do i know how much prazi to add? the bottle i have says: use 5ml per 80litres, do a minimum of 3 doses and treat every 3 days with a 25% WC. This is not in line with the 5 day or 7 day schedule on here, so now I am quite confused as to how to treat. any advice Please?!
  6. hi guys just thought I would report back with an update for you all. some positive things, squeak has seemingly perked up yesterday afternoon and overnight, this morning he his swimming about and engaging with me and squid more, really good to see- (i think he's quite glad to have some respite from squid too). here he is swimming and he's even got his dorsal fin up, he's blurry because he's moving, which makes me a happy fish mummy: also, i don't know if its related, but he finally pooed! sorry if it grosses you out but heres a pic, haven't really seen a poo from squeak before so maybe those peas are really helping, perhaps he's feeling happier because he's unclogged and unbullied?: and, i managed to find a place with prazi and aquarium salts so i'm going to get them this morning and start the procedure, as I think its best to just go ahead and treat them anyway based on what you've all been saying and that he's still not quite 100%, may as well if it wont do any harm. so heres hoping, my next update will just be to show you all more good news and we've got it sussed. fingers crossed and thank you all again.
  7. thanks just one last thing- if i do treat the tank with this prazi and salt and he doesn't actually have flukes, can i cause more harm then good or will it be OK still? I assume it must be if i treat the main tank because squid isn't sick and i would be treating him too, is it safe to go through the filter?? I'm always a bit wary of lots of chemical meds, i tend to be a bit of a natrural remedy person myself and so feel similar about my pets and family- although I am willing to try anything to help him get better at this point... have to go to work again now, sucky, but I'll be back later hopefully with progress on finding prazi..
  8. thank you all for your time and help, I am going to start my investigation into how to get some praziquantel today, if anyone out there knows a good source in Auckland, New Zealand i'd love to know. Still unsure if I treat the main tank or need to put squeak in a hospital/quarantine tank and treat him in there? do i buy that second tank? What is the salt you refer to in the schedule fantailfan1? do i need to buy that too? hes been happy eating 3 peas this morning that i cut into small bits but still not much activity beyond that and the surface diving. good to know about the water, i will find out with my water company although i suspect its chlorinated as I know its got flouride (for strong teeth) in, -akl council have been debating it recently- so its obv. pre-treated. and i cant afford a second filter right now but I will try and get one as soon as i can.
  9. hi fantailfan1, just wondering where is the prazi schedule you linked earlier? i cant see it in the previous posts, I might have missed it ?
  10. do I add the prazi to the main tank? I will have to see if i can get hold of some in NZ, how long do fish last with flukes before getting treatment? I live quite remotely so it will be challenging. he has been sick for quite a few days so i will try as quick as possible to get this med for him, also the second tank if you think i need it?
  11. thanks for your feedback- i will get some prazipro and treat in the hospital tank im hoping to have in the next day or so (really hope its not too late), do you mean another filter in place of the one I have or additional to it? he has hardly moved all day and just now did the big yawning thing again. I just put a couple of drops of prime in, what do you mean about the chlorinated water? how do i find out if it is? should it be or not be? am i not supposed to use prime in a certain type of water?
  12. no it was for this one. she said it was very powerful (was the most expensive also, eek) and would work for this tank as before i had one that was not very good, in fact, it was because i upsized the tank that i got the eheim cannister filter- she said the old filter wasn't good enough for the bigger tank. i also have an air pump going in the tank, only squeak is an air gulper, squid doesnt do it, since i have put the divider in it seems worse his "surface diving' he sticks his head right out of the water. I thought the tank had enough oxygen in it, is there a way to check? i have to go out to work soon, worried about leaving him though. ugh.
  13. i rinsed the filter contents in tank water and made sure to keep the tank water in so not to kill too much BB, but I already tested my levels and they're good so surely this cant be the issue, also the other fish is fine?? why does he keep swimming up and sticking his head out of the water and then blowing bubbles out of his gills? i'm not sure about the filter thing- i bought it on recommendation from a fish expert at my local pet shop. I thought it was top of the range for what I needed
  14. this is a quick clip (under 2 mins) of him this morning on one of his dashes to the top, then back down releasing air bubbles through his gills and crashing back to the bottom in a slump, he tries to lift off and then just sinks back and hits the bottom again you can see the other fish- squid- desperately trying to get to him on the other side, we tried putting them together again last night but it was no good, the harrassment started again straight away.
  15. Here's a couple of shots of him this morning: that was a floppy tail and clamped dorsal fin heres a couple more:
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