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  1. If I were very rich I think I might, and I mean "I can buy twenty cars and call it chump change" rich, otherwise I don't think I would.
  2. You can try a snail, I've heard they work quite well, or you could try some ghost or red cherry shrimp (though she may try munching on them, be sure to give hidey caves). I wouldn't suggest much else though. I wouldn't try another female betta either, 5 gallons may make them aggressive towards each other due to lack of territory and not being able to fit in enough fish to make them comfortable (4-6 female bettas are recommended, personally I don't think they'd all fit in a 5 gal).
  3. I don't have any creative nicknames for my fish, Gaara is "Piggy" and Aiko is something I can't repeat on the board, but we'll kiddie friendly it with "Witch Fish".
  4. That's pretty neat, my fish would just try to eat it though, they try to eat anything I put in their tank including my fingers, siphon, and the thermometer when I first put it in
  5. Be sure the filter doesn't have too strong of a current, the betta might get tossed around too much otherwise. Bettas can also be extremely picky with their food, so you may need to try a few different brands.
  6. I'm pretty sure the yellow coloured fins are the anal fins, but I don't think they're considered part of the tail, I was just using the picture because it shows three different caudal fins.
  7. I'm not certain this is what you're talking about (since I can't read the labels hardly at all) but I think this diagram shows the tails you're talking about? It shows a four tail, what I assume to be the cherry blossom tail although I've never seen sakura spelled with an 'o', and a three tail. (By the way, I found this pic via google, it is not mine, it's from someone on a foreign fish forum)
  8. I thought Sakura was a colour of goldfish, I've never heard of a sakura tail... maybe Lupin or Trinket can answer this?
  9. Hypostomus is only the genus, which the common pleco is also a part of, so that doesn't help very much, but at least it's a start since there are literally hundreds of different plecos. It could be Hypostomus Borellii or Hypostomus Boulengeri... Borellii Boulenger But they don't look exactly right...Not sure about compatibility.
  10. Try using newspaper to wipe it with instead of a cloth (crumple the paper, don't fold it), I'd found it works pretty well at least on normal windows, haven't had to clean off the fish tank yet as I am lacking a digital camera to even take pictures.
  11. He looks like a Tiger or Clown Pleco to me... I'm not sure if they're compatible with goldfish or not though.
  12. Going to add something, different gravels also have different sizes, which is why I needed 5 lbs to cover the entire bottom, depending on how large or small your gravel is will determine how much you need as well.
  13. Personally I think 1lb of gravel per gallon is too much, for a ten gallon I'd go for 5lbs of gravel, basically just enough to cover the bottom, and very easy to clean, but I hate having to gravel vacuum forever so I keep my gravel thin.
  14. I firmly believe that a fish doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. My two fantails have many "flaws" but I don't love them any less for them, it makes them unique. Unless you are using your fish for showing, I wouldn't worry about any "defects" they have.
  15. I like A, but mostly because of his/her colouring. I don't really like the look of a wen, so that's also why I like A (has the smallest wen out of all of them).
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