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    7 gorgeous babies :)
  1. Aaaww I don't think he's ugly at all, he's gorgeous! I love his colourings!
  2. Eeeep!! Soo sweet!! I just love Oscars, if I had the space I would get one too! Lovely pictures, thankyou for sharing!
  3. Gorgeous babies! Looking forward to seeing how they grow!
  4. Wow, great pictures! I just love close up pictures, some of the expressions are wonderful! You should enter one in picture of the week!
  5. Beautiful pictures! I love your dog, so cute!
  6. Oh my goodness, beautiful fishies! Momo is gorgeous!
  7. I think they would love a long shallow tank! My bettas just love the space they have in their tanks, as long as there are some hidey holes and things for them!
  8. Both of my bettas are in 9 gallon planted tanks, and they both use all of the tank! Both have filters and heaters, but I'm going to take one of the filters out as he just doesn't like it, but because of the water volume I will just be doing 100% water change weekly rather than every other day. I think it's personal preference really, every betta is different!
  9. pigz1


    So sorry you lost him Hidr
  10. Beautiful I reaalllllyyyy want an oscar, have done for a while now, but I just don't have the space *sighs* Never mind I can just live through you and oggle over pictures of Karma instead!! Thankyou for sharing!
  11. If you can't find ammonia I would go with the flake food method too, I have cycled a tank using flake before I could find ammonia, it just takes a little longer! Good luck!
  12. Oooh you are so lucky! Eagerly awaiting pictures!
  13. Just beautiful I love the look of the rocks you have in your tank, I think I'm gonna get rid of my glass pebbles and get some rocks instead, looks more natural! Thankyou for sharing!
  14. Squeee, so cute!! I just love close up pictures! Thankyou for sharing!
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