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  1. 125 liters is about 42 gallons right? If so then that will be fine for three fancy goldfish. For the other goldfish though......maybe you should pick up another 20 gallon? If you're really pressed for space you can buy an aquarium stand that holds two aquariums: http://www.petsoluti...030+C1045.aspx. Is there anyway you could upgrade to a larger aquarium of say 50-70 gallons or 150-210 liters? That would accommodate all of your goldfish.
  2. Ah, I see. Well I suppose the best thing to do would be to upgrade the pump. Will the additional GPH actually harm the sterilizer or will it just be less efficient?
  3. The biocubes are closed all-in-one units. Maybe I just need to weight the pro/cons of a better pump over a UV Setrilizer hooked up to the stock one. Because if I get a Rio 6G 350 gph pump ...that would be enough but the UV works best at 100 to 200 gph and not at all over 300 gph. So maybe another pump entirely? Hmm maybe you can modify the hood somehow. How does the hood come off on biocubes? If you take it off is there enough room to mount a HOB? If so take a hacksaw to the hood and cut an appropriate sized opening. If that doesn't interfere with the lighting setup. If you really want to keep the UV sterilizer then I would get an additional filter and keep the sterilizer on the smaller filter. If not you may want to ditch the sterilizer and get a higher GPH filter. If you keep up on your water changes and don't overfeed then you shouldn't have too many problems with little buggies swimming around your tank. UV sterilizers are nice, but I think filtration is far more important. If you can have both then that will be awesome PS. What kind of filter are you running, is it an under gravel or a sponge?
  4. No it isn't glued on . Give the motor a counter clockwise twist and it should drop down.
  5. Try keeping the lights off during the day time, then switch them on as soon as it's dark, and then turn them off around 9 or 10pm. That might help slow the growth of the algae a bit. Aquaclears are also a nice choice. I have two Aquaclear 500's on my 60 gallon, and I absolutely love them. They're really easy to clean and maintain, and they have some really nice media options.
  6. Hmm I think you had the idea by separating Kirby from the rest, but instead of a net you should use a bucket.
  7. For large fish you could use an old t shirt. Just sort of get it around them and lift them out. It would be really messy, but it probably would be less harmful than a net or your hands.
  8. Wouldn't it be great if they made snuggies for fish? Nice, be sure to save the top fin as a backup heater
  9. Sushi looks like a pretty big boy, I can't wait till my fish get that big
  10. Sounds like everyone got some nice gifts I didn't really get any gifts this year, but my goldfish sure did! They received an Aquaclear 110, bio media for their canister, and some tank decor.
  11. I would just try the top fin heater and see how it works. How cold does the room the tank is in get? if it stays around 67-70 I wouldn't worry too much. 67 is pretty cold for fancy goldfish, but I am sure your moor could handle it for a couple of days. You could also try insulating the tank by throwing blankets over the top of it. That might slow down the tank cooling. Or you can crank up your house's heater for the night and rush out for a new heater tomorrow.
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