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  1. I'm coming to your house and stealing ALL of them...expeically the big black oranda....oh yeah...he's mine
  2. Yup you have a boy on your hands there...no worries:)
  3. Aww they are awesome, I can't wait to see how big they get!
  4. I vote the cooler too, you can get a small one with a handle. When i moved from ohio to florida my fish were in a 33 gallon cooler with an airstone and all of them made it. Good luck!
  5. I can't believe how big they are already!
  6. I would just go 300gph...you can never have too much filtration with goldies:)
  7. I think they make the parts breakable so you have to buy new filters more often lol. Poor trinket:(
  8. What is the GPH (gallons per hour) rate of your current filter? You need x 10 filtration for goldies so you need a filter that filters 290 gallons per hour:)
  9. lol it seems that i always end up dealing with whatever by using bleach!! I'm always SO parinoid about bleach but it sure does do the trick in a lot of cases!!
  10. Well it's mopani driftwood and it's sold for aquarium use so hopefully it is safe. I ordered it from drsfostersmithaquatics.com. I've been filling the tub up with the hottest water from the bath tub spout and it's instantly pulling the tannus out. The water is completely tea colored within a couple of hours....when i was soaking it in cold water outside it was taking 24 hours for the water to turn that color so it's speeding up the process. I actually read yesterday that you can soak the wood in salt water or use a 1:20 ratio of bleach and water to disenfect. I may try this after the tannus is out of course:)
  11. Hey everyone it's been a while! About three weeks ago I got a bunch of mopani driftwood for my tank...I have been letting it soak in a rubbermaid since the day i got it. Today makes three weeks exactly. I change the water every other day in the tub...it's still leaching tannus and (i know this sounds SO lame) but my mother won't let me boil the driftwood b/c she's afraid it will make her house stink....so i'm stuck soaking this stuff until it's tannus free. Anyway i've noticed that one of the pieces of driftwood has white slime on it...is this normal or something i need to worry about? I've also thought about boiling water in the house and taking it outside and putting the water in the rubbermaid but i'm afraid the plastic that the rubbermaid is made out of would melt with boiling water in it. I just took the tub and put it in my bathroom and ran the hottest water i could out of the tap into the tub. Hopefully it helps get the tannus out but i'm worried about any nasties that could have gotten onto the driftwood b/c its been sitting in the garage for three weeks now...can i sterilize the driftwood any other way than boiling it? I have PP but i'm afraid that the driftwood would just absorb the PP and leach it into my tank and kill my cycle...same with bleach. Any ideas about the white slime and how to sterilize before i put this stuff in my tank (when it's done soaking of course). Thanks!!!
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