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  1. wow the pictures and goldfish are beautiful although i feel sad for the goldie get well soon
  2. wow !!!! the black one is really cute as well as the redcap one
  3. in madras/chennai there are large breeding farms not only for goldies but for alll tropical fishes
  4. hi this the first time tht i seen goldfish eggs frm last one year i hav my goldies wid me bt 2 days back they were acting funny chasing around taking the female behind the filter nd then i watched them very closely nd there it was like a spary of eggs coming out omg i jus yelled nd removed the female i didnt had a spare tank so i put her in the bucket she was so full wid eggs tht she even sprayed sum on my hand its was like small bubbles clear transparent once and they kinda got stuck to my hand i was neva prepared for this so i seen tht there were eggs in the bucket as well but i didnt knw what to do so i put the male as well coz i seen the eggs bt was not sure if they are already fertile or not coz its was my first time so i quickly thought of koko bt my net was down so my bad luck so i again went to the bucket nd removed the female put her back to the tank and the male as well infact it was treat to other goldies they enjoyed eating the eggs bt i was helpless not knwing what to do any how i managed to resuce sum in the bucket as per the information i heard tht the males milt makes the water cloudy and the water was nd i hav been chking the eggs regularly now they are no mre transparent i see a coating around them i dont knw whether its fungus or the eggs are fertile or the eggs are dead i dont so plz let me knw if they are normal nd the next day wen i went to clean the filter omg there so many eggs bt all looking so dead i had to wash them away again i dont knw whether they wer fertile or infertile so what should i do with the eggs in my bucket should i keep them for sum days or its of no use
  5. yup i have a guppy tank jus outside last monday when i was looking for ready guppies i seen sum thing very very tiny bt visible with naked eyes swiming very fast nd they looked disguisting i didnt knw what they were they hav fine legs i kept an eye on the tank for 2 days nd then i seen the cause its was sum kinda fleas that were sitting on the edge of the water i thought they were just sitting there nd relaxing u know like the beach side bt then the place wer they used to sit i seen sum tiny white tube but wen i shifted sum larger guppies to the tank they started feasting on them now i can hardly see them so do ur fish chase them
  6. ok lol i was sreaching for the info nd i think its cald pecuilar swiming sori for the spellin maybe wrong yea i wanted to knw why they swim like tht i shifted tht werid swimer to anther jar nd he is fine there bt wen i put hm back to the tank he is swiming like tht again i wonder y nd i dont hav air pump in it i will install it soon
  7. i dont hav a filter as i hav kept it out side the window its 3 nd half foot long height is 1 foot there are lots of plants in it they hav multipled a lot so i count them swiming werid is like stay in one place nd move the full body i no its difficulty to understand i will sreach it on net nd put the pic let me check
  8. hi i hav guppies in my another tank wid plants but no oxgen i hav kept the tank outside my window i heard water turns green due to sun light bt the water is clear bt frm last few days i noticed tht sum of them r swiming wreid as if the water is hard nd one of them died yesterday if any one cud tel me wats wrong wid them plz thanks
  9. hey the plant on the left hand side i hav them dont the goldfish eat them i hav them bt i hav kept these plants wid guppies
  10. thank you so much Tinkokeshi honestly speakin wen i started keeping fish i did not hav any kinda informaiton abt fish never had an idea tht there is a site tht is so useful nd gives so much of information i will let all my frnds knw abt it gud wrk koko its only here i realized tht i m being so cruel on the fish tht i hav i hav learnt a lot i wish i cud hav got this site before nd wud neva buy so many fish thank u again koko i have one of my friend who will be comin tomorrow nd taking 2 of them away
  11. thanks hidr for tht link i do water chnge after evry 3 days i hav a gr8 filter its like hmmmmm how to explain lol hmmmmmm its like a fountain it pulls the water frm the tank takes it to the filter which is above the tank the water then gets filtered nd falls back again into the tank lol i dont knw wat u call this filter my dad brought it so it keeps water clean i also add sum liquids one is a chlorin remover nd the second one is a blue liquid for fin rot , fungus etc i want to put the pic of my tank bt i dont how to post it i also hav molly babies guppies in my small tank tht is kept outside the window i m planning to buy a small tub like thing so tht i can put the guppies nd molly fry in it i had brought a pair of guppies the male jumped nd died bt the female was very happy coz the male is gone as she was harressed by the male a lot bt after three months god there r like 70 t0 80 guppies now nd i dont even kwn the first female tht i brought
  12. yea i knw i will hav to do so i will giv away bt they still r so active they com running to me wen i go close to the tank nd they start begging for food wid their big mouths nd large eye lol bt i knw i love them very much i wont be selfish i will let them hav a better life may be i wont be able to see them ever then they hav been wid me for last 1 year i cant decide which one to giv all r my fav frm 15 to select only 2 or 3 god m in such a mess rite now
  13. hi every1 i need sum help i hav 15 goldies i knw its too much in a 3 foot tank i brought them in a group wen they wer young bt now after a year they r medium size nd beautiful nd i dont want to giv them away bt i dont hav any choice nd i cant buy a bigger tank coz i dont hav enough space i hav brought a small tank tht i will keep it out i will keep 1 in tht still i remain will plenty other tht i hav to giv what should i do i love them very much i cant let them go :-(
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