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  1. I'd go with the 75, too. Maintaining two complete 55 gallon tanks would be overwhelming (to me), and I'd much rather just do one big tank. Also, I personally think all the "stacked" setups I've seen lack something visually -- that bottom tank just gets overlooked, you know?
  2. I don't give medicated food prophylactically, only when there's a verifiable problem. A routine QT with .3% salt and prazi should suffice. Save the medicated food for when it's needed, lest your fish develop resistance to it via over-use.
  3. How long can an opened can keep in the fridge?
  4. I know a former goldfish importer who feeds earthworms used coffee grounds for a couple days before giving them to her goldfish. I'm not sure why exactly, and when I asked, she said, "It cleans 'em out."
  5. Eyes can sometimes be hard to see on black wenned fish. I made this image a long time ago for a member here that thought her black ranchu had no eyes. It's of my black ranchu Pirate.
  6. That's a wonderfully manageable number! Room for culling if needed, or a couple random die-offs (it happens), but still leaving you with plenty of babies.
  7. That little black mustache was probably the very last vestiges of his original fry coloring. Little black highlights like that virtually never stay into adulthood, and are almost always transitory.
  8. Wow. That's no pet store betta. Where'd you find that beauty?
  9. Hooray for a happy ending! He's a really lovely red, without any wash of blue that I can see -- quite stunning!
  10. Really nice fins, and nice short bodies that aren't ridiculously compressed. Snag 'em! :
  11. Yep, snails can be gross, and too many people don't factor them in when considering their tank's bioload. Depending on the snail variety and size, one of them can be the equivalent of a very large goldfish in terms of waste output.
  12. Bigger is better. One 90% water change per week is better than two 45% changes in one week. More pollutants will be removed.
  13. Stunning shot with the blue lights and bubble wand!
  14. Love love love Luna! Such a pearly white!
  15. Yep, sounds about right. Knowledge can be expensive. The other version of your story starts with, "So I won a goldfish at a carnival..." But the end result is about the same.
  16. Exactly what I was going to ask -- who are the mom and dad???
  17. They call that kind of dorsal deformity a "flag fin." So rock it and be proud -- you have a rare flag fin fantail!
  18. Really nice contrast of colors! Ryukins seem to have much more vivid reds than other varieties, and your newbie is no exception.
  19. No, I don't think the 24" height will be a problem, particularly since they're SVR and already past their most formative stage. At 3 to 4 inches, their features and body are already well developed.
  20. You can convert the UGF to an RFUGF (reverse flow undergravel filter), which is actually a pretty cool thing. You use powerheads to push water down through the tubes, which then flows under the UGL plate and up through the gravel, keeping debris/uneaten food suspended above the gravel bed for the regular filters to pick up. More specific details available via a quick Google search. Can provide great biological filtration without the waste build-up of a traditional UGF.
  21. I love how they have 100 gallons of room, and they're all clustered on one side! Your moor is such a nice velvety black. Lovely!
  22. I've personally found that some of the more extreme rounder-bodied varieties get less floaty with a slightly warmer, more stable temperature. For my big ranchus, 76 degrees with a heater seemed to help them digest their food better and we had less floatiness overall. But that's a conclusion I reached after experimenting over many years. YMMV.
  23. Wow! You just don't see that breed very often, at least not where I am. Please keep us updated on their progress with lots of pics/videos. What ruffly tails!!!
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