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  1. Very very nice! How do the betta girls get along? I've always wanted to try a sorority. Love the white sand and black backgrounds on the GF tanks. The fish's colors really pop!
  2. Since you're an experienced fishkeeper already, I think that would be a fine tank for two fancies. Keep in mind that goldfish need heavier filtration than tropicals (we typically recommend a minimum of 10x the tank volume turnover per hour) and larger water changes (many of us do 75% or more weekly, I aim for 90% myself). But you're ahead of most newbies since you already understand the nitrogen cycle, and can probably borrow media from one of your established, healthy tanks to jumpstart the cycle. I've kept dwarf puffers myself -- fabulous little fish! I'm sure you don't have them in a community tank. If you've kept DPs successfully, you should do fine with goldfish. Same principles: heavy filtration (goldfish rival puffers in messiness and waste output) and big water changes, and your fish will thrive! Welcome to goldfish!
  3. Such a stunning red! I agree, you've got a ryukin there.
  4. Give them LOTS of room to grow, do large frequent water changes, and feed a variety of high quality food (which may include pellets, fresh vegetables, thawed frozen foods, and more). That's really all there is to it.
  5. Wheeeee! Tacky diver! LOVE it! Icicle looks adorable in there. Keep us posted on how you like the white sand. I love the look but it got all cruddy with diatoms on me.
  6. I've never given them a good whiff, but I'd have to say no. I have gotten them and found them to be brown, not red, when defrosted, and I did throw those away. Do they stink, like, from a distance? Or are you getting your nose right up in there?
  7. How hard was it to decide which ones to let go? Were there obvious deformities?
  8. Wow, your orandas are stunning! They're so lovely together. I've been thinking about a bristlenose plec myself. Princess may have decided it for me!
  9. Yep. Feed good food, maintain excellent water quality, and off you go! It has potential.
  10. So in my last entry, I wrote about the completely unresearched, unscientific way that I found myself walking out of the LFS with a bag of five female balloon mollies. Totally out of character for me to get a fish without learning as much as I can ahead of time. But I really wasn't thinking straight after senselessly losing multiple groups of baby pearlscales in an effort to establish my first-ever all-tiku tank, so I rolled with my impulses and found myself standing in front of my empty-but-thoroughly-sterilized aquarium, floating my bag o' mollies and wondering what to do next. At some point in all the general fishkeeping reading I've done over the years, I had learned to differentiate between male and female mollies (which is super easy to do, as they have some very distinctly different physical characteristics). I also knew that males can be territorial and persnickety with one another. So I'd selected only female mollies, figuring maybe one or two would already be pregnant, but assuming that that would end quickly with a few fry, and we'd put the baby-birthing behind us. Within days, two of the already-round balloon girls became even rounder, and kept ... well, ballooning, until I thought that one of them, the all-white fish (named "Shiny" by my young niece) would quite literally burst. I was feeding the whole gaggle of them one morning when, to my surprise, a tiny little speck with huge eyes darted out from the mouth of the tiki statue and gobbled at a passing flake of food. Fast little bugger. He was dispatched via turkey baster to a small "fry tank" I quickly set up. A second baby, who had buried itself in the gravel to avoid being eaten by the always-hungry mature fish, only lasted a few days after transfer. Okay, one pregnancy done, maybe one more to go, right? Imagine my shock when I learned that from a single breeding, female mollies can store sperm for as long as SIX MONTHS, and can basically get pregnant whenever they feel like it (and do so, on average, once a month). So with five females, all showing varying degrees of roundness, I could conceivably be looking at 25 or more births. All without any additional fish-sex taking place, mind you. There are miracles of (literally) biblical proportions occurring in my aquarium. When the Three Wise Fish come riding up on seahorses, I won't be a bit surprised. But since that first birth, zilch. Three out of the five molly girls look ridiculously pregnant, but they either won't drop their fry, or are somehow releasing them in the dead of night, eating the evidence, and strangely remaining bloated. I've been trying everything. Increased the temp a couple of degrees, which is supposed to encourage labor. Been feeding these mostly plant-based eaters a higher protein diet, with thawed frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, which is supposed to be good for the babies' development and (surprise) encourage labor. Added a large "fry tunnel" ornament that's covered with bushy artificial grass, which would give any babies a place to hide, the moms a place to give birth, and should relax them enough to (you guessed it) encourage labor. Nope. One very fat fry in the grow-out tank, with no buddies to speak of. He/she is growing so rapidly that I don't think I could add newborn fry to that tank anyway, as he might actually be large enough to EAT them at this point. I should print and paste this to the aquarium's side, to inspire them to get busy already! Baby fish look mostly the same, but they're all pretty cute. This waiting game is getting old really fast. Gimme babies!
  11. There's an old thread on this somewhere. It's interesting to note that the PraziPro bottle says it's for freshwater or marine aquariums. If salt isn't compatible with the medication, how does it work in saltwater aquaria then?
  12. SUPER cute! Looking forward to more pics.
  13. I'd love to give that food a try, Koko! Haven't ever tried it. Will gladly pay shipping!
  14. I've been keeping goldfish for about 25 years, so the number for me easily reaches into the thousands. I did take a break for a few years, from 2003 to 2009, got rid of all my equipment and everything else when I lost all my fish at once in a malfunctioning heater incident. When I started up again, the costs were like this: 46 gallon bowfront aquarium with stand and lights, Craigslist, $80. (A total steal) 48" light bulb, $15 Two Rena XP1 canister filters, $90 each Versa Top tank lid, $45 Rena 400 air pump, $35 Titanium aquarium heater, $45 Decor, mixture of new and vintage, probably $50 the first year, then $50 a year or so thereafter (I switch things up) I used to have a HUGE variety of foods, back when Goldfish Connection was in business. I'd have Pro-Gold, sinking spirulina flakes, and more from GC, plus various Hikari pellets, Hikari frozen foods, and various other manufacturers' pelleted food. Probably spent $75/year on food. Throw in another $15/year for medicated food (which would need to be replaced annually). BLARGH. Like Lis said, this is making me fill a little ill. And then there's the fish themselves. I had 4 or 5 lovelies from Goldfishnet, at about $120 apiece, on average.
  15. So I completely lost it when the baby tikus mentioned in my last blog entry arrived with 2 of them DOA and the rest looking sketchy. Total loss within 48 hours. It was awful. The seller very kindly sent replacements at no charge, all of which were DOA. It was ridiculous. They couldn't even make it into my tank before going belly-up. My theory is that both the online seller and the LFS were getting their baby pearlscales from the same wholesaler. Both the online seller and the store are in California, so it's likely that the same importer was supplying their fish (and clearly this was a very bad batch of pearlscales!). I was beyond depressed at that point, and it was made even worse once I scoured and disinfected every last inch of the aquarium and got everything reassembled and running again. I was being taunted by that shiny fresh tank, just sitting there bubbling away, fish-less. Every time I walked past, it was mocking me. I kept cruising the four or so local fish stores near me that have a decent selection of goldfish, but nothing was screaming "Take me home!" I had had my heart set on pearlscales, and the others just left me feeling kind of meh. I even saw some really sweet young ranchus in some of my favorite color combos, but they just weren't doing it for me. And even though I'm really fairly certain that the Great Pearlscale Massacre of 2015 wasn't my fault in the slightest, losing so many fish in such a short period of time had really left me shaken, and I was questioning my abilities as a fishkeeper. When you're scooping two or three dead fish from your aquarium on a daily basis, you have to wonder what you're doing wrong. It's just natural. So I was shuffling through my favorite LFS, scanning through the tanks of goldfish I'd looked at just a few days before, wondering halfheartedly if I should just get those red and white orandas already, or maybe that nice white butterfly telescope, and call it done, when I drifted further to the right -- and saw a tank filled with these unbelievably wiggly fish that made my heart leap. You see, they kind of resembled my dear departed tiku pearlscales. Round, globe-like bodies and tiny little heads. But unlike the pearlies I'd been watching perish in rapid succession, these fish were astonishingly energetic. They were positively swarming through the tank and as I leaned in for a closer look, the whole mass of them just converged in front of my face, paddling frantically and vying for attention. What WERE these little fishy gremlins? Two words: Balloon mollies. Huh? Mollies? But those were TROPICAL fish. And aside from puffers, I'd never kept a tropical fish in my life. I'm a goldfish girl through and through, baby. Goldfish are challenging. They're unique. They're ever so much more complex than the aquarium world gives them credit for. And mollies are just ... mollies. I mean, doesn't everybody and his cousin have some black mollies in a tank with, like, minnows and some moss and tadpoles from the creek? I mean, mollies? Please. But I just couldn't tear myself away from that tank. If I moved to the right or left, the whole gaggle of fish followed me. They were ridiculously lopsided and, well, balloon-y. And I realized I was smiling. I mean, come on. So I did something that I never ever do when it comes to keeping pets. I am the Queen of Research, the Goddess of Learning All You Can Before You Buy, Little Miss Scolds-You-If-You-Don't-Know-What-You're-Getting-Into. And yet I grabbed the nearest LFS employee, pointed out my favorite five balloon mollies, and I was out the door and in my car before I even knew what happened. Coming soon: Salve for my battered fishkeeper's soul, how balloon mollies are a lot like goldfish, and omigod-what's-that-speck-oh-CRAP-is-that-a-baby?
  16. Oh Helen, they're simply magnificent. Someday, I swear, I will have ping pong pearlscales as nice as those!
  17. Wheeee, there's Luna! She's my favorite.
  18. What an awesome angle you got on that pic of Buffy! You almost never see angelfish from the front like that. I love it!! Those upside down cats are pretty awesome too.
  19. Button eye looks like a probable calico. Oranda/ranchu crosses can be super-lovely, with nice deep bodies and great wens. All 3 look fat and happy!
  20. They're both darling! Winston's dorsal is so far back on his body. He's really unique, probably a one of a kind original! Raising up babies can be so fun and rewarding. Enjoy!
  21. Those fins! Everyone looks fantastic. Great tank, too. 75 gallons?
  22. I wouldn't want to move the fish twice a day, every day, for feeding. Too stressful. The easiest way to go is to get them used to eating on opposite sides of the tank. It takes some training, but it can be done. Drop food at the same time at each end of the aquarium. Hopefully the one who's being out competed will catch on.
  23. Makes me think of the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland! (That's a compliment, I love that ride.)
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