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  1. First is a lionhead. Second looks, to me, like it's possibly a ryukin mix? Third is a fantail.
  2. Wheeeeee! What kind of molly is she? Can't wait to see pics!
  3. pOdge is a seriously adorable pearlscale! How long have you had her, and how big is she?
  4. If it was me, I'd probably start with about 6 or so (4 females, 2 males) and see how it goes. Definitely make sure there are more females than males, so the boys don't harass the girls too much. The males can get territorial too, so the fewer the better.
  5. A light outbreak of ich in the main balloon molly tank, and it's all my fault. I didn't quarantine our newest acquisition long enough. I think I've gotten so used to the mollies being generally healthier and less troublesome than goldfish, so I felt fairly confident about doing an abbreviated QT based on, honestly, nothing at all. Now we have ich. It's not bad, just a few specks on everyone's tail fins. I'm glad because I caught it in the very earliest stages. Have added salt to .2% and upped the heat to 83 (they were at 80-ish previously). Last round of salt going in tomorrow, and then we'll hold tight and hope this blows over quickly. Fingers and fins crossed! Meanwhile, in the fry tanks, The Noodles continue to thrive. We haven't lost one yet, which is awesome and baffling at the same time. Still standing strong at 22. They're growing like little weeds and now know that my hands mean food. No more skittery behavior when I need to do something in one of the tanks. Random pic, just 'cause I love my molly girls. This is Creamy, who's a lovely pale shade of yellow on top and bright white beneath, with see-through pectoral fins. Two of the 22 fry I currently have are from Creamy.
  6. It's really really hard to distinguish platy fry from molly fry till they're over a month old, though I'm leaning toward platy based on your pic. Mainly because I'm drowning in 3-week-old molly fry right now and I know them intimately. But even if your molly is a single female with no mate, she can store sperm for up to 6 months and decide when to get pregnant (so if you've had her less than 6 months, it could be molly fry).
  7. You could have male AND female guppies, if you wanted to -- there's wiggle room stocking-wise for you to keep a few babies.
  8. I'm a sucker. I tend to overfeed and battle diatoms and algae as a result.
  9. Yes indeed! Now that sounds like an ideal tropical tank for that size!
  10. Bumblebee gobies are brackish fish, and need a brackish environment to thrive. They'll be short-lived in freshwater. Please read up on them a little, and note that brackish tanks need the addition of marine salt mix (the kind used for saltwater tanks), not just our regular "aquarium salt." The mollies would do fine in brackish as well, though it's not necessary. I'm really sorry, but your tank is very drastically overstocked. 100L = 26 US gallons. TWO sailfin mollies alone would be a tight squeeze in there (they're one of the larger molly varieties). If it were my tank, I'd return/rehome the gobies, guppies and tetras, three of the mollies, and one of the BN plecos. I know that's not what you were asking about, but I just can't help it -- it's like when someone posts that they have five common goldfish in a 10 gallon tank.
  11. Eeeeek, they're ADORABLE! And much much bigger than I was thinking they'd be (sounds like same for you, too!). I'm seriously going to have an ECR ranchu one day. No doubt about it.
  12. Looks like it's mostly ryukin to me. Perhaps a ryukin/fantail cross. Nice and fat!
  13. Some color changes are more rapid than others. That's part of the fun of goldfish. It's like that line from Forest Gump -- you never know what you're going to get!
  14. I've heard they breed like crazy! But I'd never know, because if I got BN plecos I'd never look at my tank again. Pleco phobic!
  15. Gorgeous, Mikey! You have a wonderful combination of fish. They complement one another so nicely.
  16. Divided the Noodles (our 22 balloon molly fry) into two tanks tonight, 11 in each, to give them maximum room to grow. They've already doubled, possibly tripled, in size in just over a week. They eat voraciously, and get both crushed/powdered tropical flakes and thawed baby brine shrimp each day. I'm going to have to keep an eye on Craigslist for a decent sized tank or tanks for them. Two 20 gallons would be about right, but I don't know where I'd put them. I'll figure it out though; maybe I can find one with a stand. I'm not entirely sure I want to turn my bedroom into a balloon molly breeding factory, so I'm not certain I'll do the fry thing again on a large scale like this. But this first time is really fun, and there's no telling what the future will bring.
  17. I think three in a 55 is a lovely amount if you're relatively new, though I'd add them slowly to allow the filter's good bacteria an opportunity to keep pace. If you're an experienced goldfish keeper, and extremely diligent about water changes (very large weekly water changes, 85% or more, no slacking), four isn't unheard of. A lot depends on the size of the fish, too. Three or four young goldfish is vastly different from three full-grown fish.
  18. Beginnings of a cute white speckled wen there. Keep up the good work!
  19. I won't advise on treatment, but do get a QT tank going if you're able. I suspect antibiotics are going to be needed, and you won't want to medicate the healthy fish and risk destroying your bio filter as well. Hang in there. A mod will surely be along soon.
  20. Definitely breeding stars. He's a Manly Moor!
  21. It's now five days since our gazillion (well, actually 20, but they look like 10 times that) balloon molly fry were born, and we still haven't lost a single one. Knock wood, etc. As soon as Gem, the mommy molly to all these fry, is finished with her QT and moved to the main aquarium, I'm going to transfer half the fry to that tank, and will have two fry tanks going simultaneously. I want them to have maximum room to grow -- not that they're having any trouble in that regard. I swear they've already doubled in size in just 5 days. I'm feeding them powdered flake food several times a day, and they also get defrosted baby brine shrimp once daily. I didn't realize how absolutely microscopic those baby brine shrimp are! It's just a pretty orange cloud in the water, and you can hardly make them out. But the fry go nuts when I feed them shrimp, and end up with beautifully round tummies about 15 minutes later. The babies are extremely varied in their coloration, and I'm super-curious to find out how that changes as they grow. But whatever color they are, they all kind of look like sardines right now. Here's a side view of one of them: Could those eyes BE any bigger?
  22. So gorgeous! Looks like a tiny telescope koi right now.
  23. WOW. Just ... WOW. That FACE! He is absolutely stunning! Congratulations! He and Sencha could have amazing babies!
  24. Hooray for mollies! That tank looks amazing.
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