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  1. True that. Things work best for me if I first encounter a variety of fish that I absolutely positively MUST have. I'm much more motivated to maintain the tank if it's fish that I adore. I went through a huge puffer phase, keeping dwarf puffers a few times and then Figure 8s, but once they had died off, I realized my "puffer jones" had been satisfied and I dismantled the tanks. Makes it easy when I run into something else I gotta try, like balloon mollies -- I had everything I needed at hand when I realized I couldn't live without them. And if I get the puffer itch again someday, I'll have all the stuff ready to go.
  2. My favorite telescope of all time, a red and white butterfly named Archie:
  3. What does the cellphone reference? Body color? And thank you :-) The transparent appearance of his fins.
  4. He's a cellophane pastel, and a gorgeous one!
  5. Simply gorgeous. Weird that it's on the floor, although the top view must be amazing.
  6. Their shape is superb! I can see why you chose them for breeding stock.
  7. There was a 1980s American TV series where the main character had a black moor named Abraham. In a bowl, naturally.
  8. I do a routine Prazi treatment even on healthy fish twice a year, as a preventive and/or to nip issues in the bud. But you know what? 18 months with perfect health and no problems? I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You're clearly doing things right!!!
  9. I looooooove pearlscales, especially tikus. Those are lovely!
  10. I've bought many fish from Goldfishnet over the years. Tommy, the guy who owns the site, will contact you (by phone, usually) within a day or two of auction's end to take your payment info and give you general information. Then you'll receive tracking info when your fish is shipped, so you can follow its journey to you. I've always been very happy with my fish from Tommy. He's a great seller with lovely goldfish.
  11. Tank looks awesome, Hidr! Love the vase, too -- where'd you find it? I think I might need one to hold dog treats on my desk at work!
  12. It doesn't sink immediately, so I swirl it in a paper cup of tankwater for a few seconds before adding it to the tank Or just fire it at the tank surface like I do, a few pieces at a time, POW POW POW. Makes it sink.
  13. I use the NLS Thera-A. It's not a specific goldfish frmulation, but for all fish. My mollies wouldn't touch it, but the new goldfish are LOVING it. I also feed Saki-Hikari (purple bag) but will stop if I notice too much yellow/orange staining on the white parts of the fish.
  14. Just throwing this out there (without advice on what to do, as I'm not a mod), but former forum member and mentor Trinket taught me long ago that tilting was often a sign of heavy parasite loads. Just for everyone's consideration...
  15. I promise I'll take pics of the fry soon. Their transformation in the last week has been astounding! About half of the previously all-white fry have developed black spots, so hooray -- Dalmatians! And I'm starting to see the belly curve developing on many of them, so it appears the majority of them will indeed be balloons. Still feeding the NLS fry food and baby brine shrimp exclusively, though I think they're almost big enough to start picking at some regular thawed brine shrimp soon. They eat like nobody's business! There are several runts, but they're holding their own and continuing to grow, just more slowly than the rest. My favorite LFS has agreed to take whichever ones i don't keep once they're a few months old and colored up nicely, so it's a relief to know they'll have somewhere to go. I'd love to keep them all, but I'd need the world's biggest tank to do it (and for them to cease all breeding activity, which ain't gonna happen, ha!).
  16. If you're old enough, you'll remember "I'm Larry and this is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl." My balloon molly fry are known as The Noodles. Can't tell half of them apart. Hidr, LOVE your fish, as always. There's an Oscar in my future, too, but it's a ways off yet.
  17. You're correct, dwarf puffers won't eat pellet or flake foods. But frozen bloodworms are a perfect staple diet for them, if you don't want to mess around with live food. (If you do, though, live blackworms are their favorite and are super-easy, you just keep 'em in the fridge and dump their water every other day, and top them off with fresh water at the sink, takes 10 seconds). I am the QUEEN of tacky tanks! My dwarf puffer pirate themed tank, including air-action skeleton steering a ship's wheel: Figure 8 Puffer tropical tiki tank: The original Tacky Tiki Tank (with bubbling bamboo wall and red-lit bubbling volcano):
  18. I don't clean the filter pads weekly, more like monthly. It's great that you know to do it in dechlorinated water. Yes, you can stuff the filter with anything you'd like if you leave the charcoal bag out (which I do recommend, unless you're trying to remove traces of old meds from the tank). More ceramic rings is great if you think you need more areas for the beneficial bacteria to colonize. I just about never rinse those, though. I'm not good about cleaning the impeller area with a Q tip unless the filter isn't running well.
  19. You don't have to create your own -- there are ready-to-make gel food diets that you literally just add water to. Easy-peasy! http://tedsfishroom.com/repashy/
  20. Two dwarf puffers! They're completely freshwater, and endlessly entertaining. Easily in my top 3 favorite fish of all time. They're super-friendly and will totally interact with you. Check out pics, you'll be smitten. Here's a care sheet from the world's greatest puffer site: http://www.thepufferforum.com/forum/library/puffers-in-focus/dwarfpuffercare/
  21. I love bloody parrots!!! They're fabulous. Yours are a really great deep orange too!
  22. Got a 15 gallon bowfront set up for the Noodles (our balloon molly fry) last night and moved them over this morning from the two smaller grow-out tanks they'd been in since birth. They look practically microscopic in their luxurious new digs, but it won't be long before I'll be needing yet another tank for them if they keep growing at such an astonishing rate. I'm so glad I remembered to get a sponge cover for the filter intake. They'd been in unfiltered tanks previously, with large daily water changes, so it's time for them to learn to swim with some current in the water. But I don't want any of them getting accidentally sucked in, yikes! The fry were three weeks old a few days ago. They eat like little piglets (baby brine shrimp daily, and NLS fry powder) and are pooping machines. Have only lost one, a tiny runt, about a week ago, leaving us with 21 babies. Watching them grow and change is downright addictive!
  23. Finding that one-in-a-million fish in the LFS is just the best feeling. Congratulations!
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